“Glee” Episode 305 Recap: “Make of Our Hearts, One Heart”

Later, getting ready for opening night, everyone is a mess.
Rachel decides they should just cancel because she and Blaine are still
virgins. And Artie’s convinced he’s a fraud and a failure.

Then the whole cast comes together, and gives Artie flowers,
thanking him for his vision and directing the play. Artie thanks them back,
saying, “When you’re in a chair, it’s hard to feel like a grownup. Everyone’s
always doing stuff for you, getting freaked out about saying the wrong thing.
Sometimes it’s hard to picture a life of being totally self sufficient. But directing
you guys, the way you trusted me, the way you looked at me, listened to me,
it’s the first time in my life that I felt like a grown man. That is the
greatest gift you could give me, guys. So thank you. For the flowers, and for
everything.” Oh, matchmaker/power!director Artie, I love you even though
you did get between my Brittana for a while.

Then there’s a scene of Finn, sticking his head under the
water, bashing his hand into the tile wall, which fades to Puck on stage,
pounding a stone wall, talking about how they came to America like
children, trusting.

Which leads into the song “America,” which looked exactly
how a high school musical might actually look, even if the singing and dancing
were better. (The accents certainly weren’t.) Mrs. Chang is beaming at Mike
from the audience, but his father’s seat is empty.

“How are we, as virgins, supposed to follow that?”
Blaine asks
Rachel while they wait in the wings.

But Rachel is ready for him. “Tony and Maria were soul
mates,” she says firmly. “Against all odds, they found each other. I
know what that’s like, and you do, too. So we just have to play that. We as
actors have to tap into that.”

Then they walk on stage.

That breaks abruptly to the stage in an empty auditorium,
with Blaine, in
white pants and a striped t-shirt, doing his dance moves over and over in slow
motion. Like a lot of other people I can think of, however bad he was at club
dancing, he’s not at all bad at the musical theater kind of dancing.

Kurt walks in, and pauses a few feet from Blaine. “Shouldn’t we be

“Just going over this move. I messed it up tonight. I
know I can do better.”

“The beauty of the stage. You get to do it all over
again tomorrow night.” He walks closer. “Personally, I thought both
you guys were perfect.”

“Thank you. Your Oficer Krupke killed. Brought the
house down.”

“Well, I can’t help pulling focus.”

is looking at Kurt with such love. “Don’t apologize. It was great.”

Kurt smiles, but also looks a little uncertain. “All
your friends were here tonight. The Warblers, Sebastian… they were all loving

Blaine still has that look on his face—like Kurt is the most
beautiful thing he’s ever seen. “Come here. Give me your hand. Hold it to
your heart.”

“Just like the song?”

“Like the song.” He takes a breath. “Kurt, Sebastian
doesn’t mean anything to me. And you were right. Our first time shouldn’t be
like that. I was drunk, and I’m sorry.”

“Well, it sure beats the last time you were drunk and
made out with Rachel.”

puts his head down, but they’re both laughing. Though if this were real life,
I’d be thinking Blaine has a potential problem with alcohol.

“But I’m sorry, too.” Kurt says. “I wanted to
be your gay bar superstar, but try as I might, I’m still just a silly romantic.”

Oh, Kurt. I love you. And so does Blaine, who says, “It’s
not silly.” And they kiss, and Kurt wraps his arms around Blaine’s neck, and what can I say? I guess
I’m just a silly romantic, too.

They break apart, and Kurt says, “You take my breath
away. And not just now. Tonight, on the stage. I’m so proud to be with

“I hope so,” Blaine
says, eyes glowing. “I want you to be.” He’s almost crying, and he
tries to smile. “Um, Artie’s having an after-party, at Breadstix. Would
you accompany me?”

Kurt lets their eyes lock. “No. I want to go to your

There is this intense pause, and Blaine almost-whispers, “Okay.”

Oh, please. That was just perfect. It really was.

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