“Glee” Episode 305 Recap: “Make of Our Hearts, One Heart”


In what is possibly the only abrupt edit of the night, we
cut to Santana and Rachel singing the iconic WSS song on the stage at McKinley –
and I apologize to all Rachel fans everywhere, but Santana. Red dress. Red lips. Red flower in her hair. Can’t think of anything else to say.

Back to Blaine:
“It wasn’t like that. Let’s just say, I miss Dalton every day, but McKinley is where my
heart is.” Okay, really? Just painfully romantic, in the best possible way.

We keep cutting back and forth between the rehearsal stage
and Blaine and Sebastian talking and giving each
other speaking looks at Dalton.
It’s not at all disjointed; you can feel every line has meaning for Anita/Santana
and Maria/Rachel, but also for Blaine and Sebastian’s scene, such as: “A
boy like that wants one thing only.”

I can’t pretend to be an expert on this, neither of the art
form nor of every Glee scene ever
(although more the latter than the former), but I think this is Glee‘s best-filmed scene ever.

And Rachel’s voice is incredible.

I also love that Blaine’s
level of discomfort is epic. At the end of the scene, Sebastian says he has to
go to lacrosse practice, but he wants to meet again. “I could really use
more insights from you, Blaine. You know, Warbler to Warbler.”

Despite the fact that this is meant to be a big threat to
the Klaine love, Blaine
looks uncomfortable but not really like he’s tempted. And I don’t think Darren Criss is the world’s greatest
actor, but in this and every scene he’s in during this episode, he nails it.

Finn, meanwhile, is asking Puck for advice on what brand of
condoms to use. Puck goes all protective of Rachel on him, and yells at him for
cheating on her.

“No, I want to use them with Rachel,” Finn says.

“Oh. I’m happy for you, dude. Always thought it would
be me, but secretly hoped it would be you. As for the condoms, no idea, never
used them. Which worked out for me about
99 percent of the time.” I hope he’s being ironic here, because the
thought of Puck having all that sex and not protecting himself is really pretty
scary. So whatever was intended, I’m going with ironic.

In the locker room, Coach Beiste introduces the recruiter to
her team. The two of them bond over her tube socks, and I thought for a second
she was getting the picture that he’s into her.

He looks at the team and tells them he’s not looking for
boys to play for the Buckeyes; he’s looking for men. Finn seems very struck by
this. This is part of an ongoing theme running through this whole episode about
what adulthood means. I thought they did a great job of staying tight on the
theme without being excessively anvil-ish about it. Well, not excessive in the Glee-verse. There is such a thing as

Out in the hallway, Kurt walks up to Blaine
at his locker, heaves a sigh, and leans against the locker next to Blaine’s. “If you
see any of Rachel’s campaign posters, feel free to tear them down,” he

ignores the comment. “Do you think we’re too sheltered as artists?”
he asks, abruptly and intensely. Kurt doesn’t seem to know how to respond, and Blaine goes on, “I’m
serious. West Side Story is all about
living outside of your safe little world. Don’t you want to wake up every day
and be adventurous, and experience everything in life you can?”

Kurt smiles at him. “Of course. That’s why I made a
bucket list.” He whips out his phone and starts scrolling. One of the items on the list? He wants to be
CEO of Logo, our parent company. I don’t know who our current CEO is, but I am
fairly sure he or she would be glad to
step aside for Mr. Hummel. The other items he mentions (it’s a long, long list)
include laying a rose on the grave of Noel Coward and “making love in a
field of lilacs with Taylor Lautner before he gets
fat.” He does preface that by letting Blaine know he wrote this before they met.

“I know, I know it’s stupid,” Kurt says.

all intensity: “No, it’s not. It’s hot.”

Kurt’s a little flustered. “Well, anyway, we’re young,
so we’ve got all the time in the world to be adventurous.”

“Don’t you think now
is the time to be adventurous?” Blaine
says, even more intense. “While we’re still young?” Then he makes a
dramatic exit. And we see some awesome iPhone product placement in Kurt’s
trembling hands.


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