“Glee” Episode 304 Recap: “Lord Tubbington Thinks You’re Purrfect, and So Do I.”

The song is also intercut with a scene where Puck and Shelby
kiss at her apartment. Look, I know Justin in Queer as Folk was also 17, and Brian was much older, and I liked
them just fine. But Brian was only 29, not in his 40s, and he was not a teacher
at Justin’s school, and Justin was not the father of his illegitimate child.

Of course, Mark Salling looks, and is, almost 30, while
Randy Harrison looked 12. Still, whatever kind of hypocrite it makes me, I
can’t stand to see Puck and Shelby kissing and I really think this is a
disgusting storyline. No me gusta.

On the other hand, the preview for next week had a kiss I
like very, very much. We see Blaine
and Kurt kiss, right in preview. And from what I’ve heard and what’s implied in
the preview, we’re going to see a whole lot more than that.

Where were shows like this when I was growing up?

And now, my favoprite #gaysharks tweets from last night…


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