“Glee” Episode 303 Recap: “We’ve All Got Pain”

During that scene, we also see that Blaine will be playing Tony – Kurt tries to
look happy but it’s obviously forced – Rachel will be playing Maria, Mike will
play Riff, Kurt will play Officer Krupke, and Santana will play Anita, which
has to be the best casting ever. (There are, of course, only those five
characters in West Side Story.)

Now for some bad news: We’re going to have to wait three
weeks for our next Glee fix. The show
will be back on Nov. 1, where rumor has it Brittana will be on, baby, on, and
then again on Nov. 8, where rumor has it that Klaine will get it on, baby, on.
I will miss my darling gay musical teevee series. See you in three weeks!

Check out some of my favorite #GaySharks tweets from last night….


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