“Glee” Episode 303 Recap: “We’ve All Got Pain”

Back in the auditorium, Rachel and Mercedes are having their
diva-off, singing “Out Here On My Own” from Fame. Although they sing the song separately, it’s intercut as if
it was a duet. It’s okay, but not the wildfire those two are capable of. I
amuse myself trying to figure out if Brittany and Santana are holding hands in
the audience.

When it’s over, Rachel tells Finn she thinks Mercedes was
better than she was, and marches down the hall to tell Coach Beiste to add her
name to the list of those running for senior class president.

That night, when Emma comes home from work, it turns out
that Will has invited her parents over for dinner. She freaks out utterly, and
in the kitchen, Will asks if she’s ashamed of him.

Not at all, she says; she’s ashamed of her freakish parents,
who are “ginger supremacists.” They’re also racists, although I suppose the
two things go hand in hand. Will sees that their craziness, and the way they
mock Emma for being OCD, is triggering her disease, and stands up to them. But
it’s too late; Emma’s really breaking.

And Kurt and Rachel’s friendship may be suffering the same
fate. He’s found out she’s running against him for senior class president, for
no reason other than to bolster her resume to get into drama school.

He, on the other hand, wants to do some good for other queer
and outcast kids in the school. Besides, he says, “In ten years, you’re
not going to be thinking about the clubs you were in or the things you did, but
the friends you had and the ones you tossed aside.”

The co-directors of West Side Story tell Rachel and Mercedes
they’re going to add an extra week to the show’s run, and give each them an
equal chance to play the role. But Mercedes is over playing in Rachel’s shadow,
and turns it down.

Rachel, although clearly glad to have the role, equally
clearly has some doubts about how it happened. Finn doesn’t help when he tries
to get her to withdraw from the presidential race against Kurt.

But Rachel insists she’s doing it because she heeded Brittany’s call for girl
power, and says she inspired her to want to change the world. She asks who Finn
will be voting for, and he tells her he doesn’t know.

There’s one more very disturbing scene, wherein Emma has a
breakdown and Will is co-dependent, and if you want to know what happens,
you’ll have to read someone else’s recap because it made me want to puke.

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