“Glee” Episode 303 Recap: “We’ve All Got Pain”

Things have come to a head at booty camp, where Mercedes
does a full-on diva-out and earns an ultimatum from Will: “Mercedes, if
you walk out that door, you’re out of Glee Club.”

She freezes, and the McKinley auditorium becomes a Broadway
stage for a performance of Dreamgirls.

To the tune of “It’s All Over,” Mercedes, as
Effie, accuses Mr. Schue of betraying her:

Mr. Schue was supposed
to love me.
I turn my back and find myself out on the line.
You could’ve warned me, but that would’ve been too kind.

Will sings back:

I’ve been warning you
for months to clean up your act.
You’ve been late, you’ve been mean, giving all kinds of stupid flack.


That’s a lie, that’s a
It’s just I haven’t been feeling that well.

Santana, in a Supremes beehive and evening gown, steps up:

Effie, please, stop
excusing yourself.
You’ve been late, you’ve been mean,
and getting fatter all the time.

Mercedes gestures at a beehived and evening-gowned Brittany and sings:

You’re lyin’, you’re
lyin’ cause you’re knockin’ off that piece
Who thinks she’s better than everybody

Runnin’ for president
She ain’t better than anybody
She ain’t nothin’ but common

Santana doesn’t seem to mind being outed to the audience, possibly because
they’re not real and neither is anything happening in this scene, and wails

Now you listen to me, Miss. Blame-It-On-the-World,
See, I put up with you for much too long.
I have put up with your bitchin’
I put up with your naggin’

And all your screamin’

Finn, Kurt, Puck and even Mike get into it, and Mercedes/Effie finally puts her
head down on the table and moans:

I’m not feelin’ well;
I’ve got pain.

And everyone sings back:

Effie, we all got

When the song’s over, Mercedes snaps back into the present,
and an empty auditorium, realizing it really is over: She’s out of Glee Club.

Mike’s back in his rehearsal room when he sees his mom in
the doorway. Unlike his dad and Tina, she’s really there. And it turns out
she’s there to help him. She says it’s her job to encourage him to live his
dreams, not hers, and that he shouldn’t let go of his. It turns out she wanted
to dance, too, but her parents wouldn’t allow her to take lessons.

“It seems I’m a pretty good teacher,” Mike says,
and they dance. Sigh. Also, no offense to Mrs. Chang, but Mike’s mom is way too
hot for Mike’s dad.

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