“Glee” Episode 302 Recap: Kurt Hummel, Homo

He invites her to come over after school so they can
strategize, but she can’t do it. “Santana and I are working on campaign
posters.” (Oh, fanfiction, I hear you be written now.)

“I already have them,” he says.

“They’re for my campaign,” she says. “I
decided to run, too.” It seems all the previous student body presidents
were guys, on which she blames the double-dip recession. Oh, Brittany.

“Besides,” she goes on. “I’m also a unicorn.
Or maybe a bi-corn. Either way. I’m starting to believe in my own magic.”

She wishes him luck and says she’s see him at the debate.

I’m torn. I loved this scene. I love Brittany coming out. I love her being a
bicorn. I love her, in case you didn’t know because you never read my recaps
and don’t follow me on Twitter.

But the look in Kurt’s face hurts my heart. Brittany! You were going
to be an unstoppable team!

I’d say Kurt could be her campaign manager, but of course, I
need Santana to do that. In fact, I need a lot more Santana in the next episode
and I hope the PTBs at Glee take

But Kurt’s very bad terrible awful day is not over. He looks
on in pride while Blaine
blows the roof off the auditorium with his rendition of “Something’s
Coming” from West Side Story. But when Artie asks Blaine why he’s only
trying out for Bernardo or Officer Krupke, and if he’s consider reading for
Tony, Blaine doesn’t know what to say, and says nothing… while Kurt, face
falling, walks out.

And then they just stop it there. A cliffhanger. Because of
course, Kurt said he wanted Blaine
at McKinley so they wouldn’t be competitors, remember? And now, here they are.

Next week, Brittany
wears a black leather mini-skirt and thigh high boots. And Blaine gives Kurt roses. And I guess we all
have to decide who we want to see running the student body of McKinley High,
the unicorn or the bicorn.

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