“Glee” Episode 302 Recap: Kurt Hummel, Homo


Then the two of them duet on the song, and it was epic.
Their resemblance to each other is astonishing, and so is their chemistry. And
at the very end of the duet, we morph into the auditorium where Rachel is
singing the song alone, with just a glance at the end to where Shelby had stood next to her earlier. It was
a beautiful, heart-filled scene. I got tears in my eyes.

Sue’s filming her video, and after a little B-roll on the
school grounds showing how low Quinn’s sunk, she takes her star, her camera,
and her assistant, Becky, into Will’s office to confront him over how he’s
ruined Quinn’s life.

He’s not having any of it, and rises to the occasion
magnificently. “You’re not a little girl anymore,” he tells her
angrily. “How long do you plan on playing the victim card?” Everyone
in New Directions just tried to be her friend – Mercedes even let her live with
her after her parents threw her out. “So now you’re a trainwreck. Well,
congratulations. But you stride into my office and tell me it’s my fault? Well,
then I have something to say to you: grow up.”

It was seriously Mr. Schue’s finest moment.

Puck goes to Shelby’s
house to see Beth and beg to be part of her life. Shelby’s clearly considering it.

Kurt auditions for the role of Tony by singing “I’m The
Greatest Star” from Funny Girl.
It’s the kind of Broadway number I’m not a fan of, but he climbs all over a
huge scaffold he had made for the audition, and generally does a great job. I
don’t know how this performance will get him the role of Tony, though.

At the end he brings out his sais
and does a twirling routine, which reminded me of the first time I saw anyone
working with sais:
Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess. You can make any two fandoms collide if you
work it hard enough.

Even if the song didn’t do it for me, I’ll say this: Chris Colfer plays this part as a
teenage boy who’s going to be a star but isn’t yet. It’s brilliant.

After auditions, Puck goes after Quinn in the girls
bathroom. He tells her she looks like “a real housewife of Reno,” and that she
should lose the skank act and get it together to be in Beth’s life. He shows
her a photo of the baby on his phone, and says, “She needs you in her
life. I don’t want her having questions, or being messed up.” Our girl
looks like she’s going to cry. I pretty much already am.

Which isn’t the best way to go into the next scene, where
Coach Beiste, Emma, and Artie are talking about the casting of the musical.
Beiste likes Rachel for Maria, noting that “she’s Jewish, which I think
helps with the Puerto Rican thing.”

Then they dissect Kurt’s audition, or rather, they dissect his
manliness. And his “toothpick arms” which, hello, is not fair. The
arms have been working out, Emma. Don’t you have eyes?

What they don’t know is that Kurt can hear every word.

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