“Glee” Episode 222 Recap: Nationals!


I saw some discontent with this scene on Twitter last night,
but I thought it was lovely. I would have loved them to have kissed, but we were
still seeing that reserve and closetedness in Santana, and I think maybe them
kissing in the middle of the hallway at school would have been completely out
of character for her at the moment. I really thought this was a very reassuring
and meaningful scene, although I still saw more emotional power in the scene
with Quinn in New York;
this scene felt, as I said, a bit anvilly. (That’s not a word, is it?)

We end with a Rachel and Finn scene that I’m going to
summarize thus: Finn reminds Rachel that, however much her career means to her,
they still have a year left of high school, so why not try dating and see how
it does? She says yes, they kiss yet again, go to a meeting in the choir room
where everyone welcomes them, even Quinn, and it turns out Brittany was right;
everyone in Glee Club loves everyone else, even when they’re mad at them.

The end. For now. See you in the fall!

PS: #gaysharks tweets…

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