“Glee” Episode 222 Recap: Nationals!

Backstage, Rachel tells Finn he wrote an incredible song,
and he cuts her off. He says all she’s ever said she wanted was him, but
“now I’m standing here basically begging for you, and suddenly you’re not

She says that she is “more than interested,” but
she’s not going to let anyone or anything take her away from her New York dream.
“There’s nothing you can say that will make me change my mind.”

Then they sing. Talk about bad timing. It’s a pretty good
Finchel duet, and it ‘s well-received by the audience. During it, Jessie comes
in, and tells Will he couldn’t stay away. “From the show?” Will says.
“Or from her?”

At the end of the song, Finn and Rachel locks eyes, and then
lips in a passionate, lengthy, unscripted kiss. The audience is dead silent,
only Will applauding at first.

Then they do their second number, another original song,
this one called “Light Up the World.” It was cute, but not as good as
some of their other group anthems. Santana does the opening vocals, and the
lyrics sounded very Brittana-esque.

The audience loves this number, cheering and whistling and
applauding when it’s over.

After the performance, Brittany is looking at t-shirts in the
lobby. She’s holding one up, and says, “Don’t you think is going to look
so hot on Lord Tubbington? I’m going
to go find an extra-large.” So glad my favorite character got that little

Rachel and Finn are talking, and Finn says he calls their
kiss “the kiss of the century.”

“You’re wrong, Finn,” Jessie says, walking up to
them. “That kiss was unprofessional. It was too personal and intense. The
judges won’t like it. They’ll consider it common and vulgar, and it just cost
you nationals. Hi, Rachel. You look amazing. And you sounded great. You just
shouldn’t have kissed him.”

“Why are you here, Jessie?”

“For you.”

“Dude,” says Finn, “Back off. You’re just
jealous, jealous of what we have and what we shared with the entire audience.
Because it was shared between two people who love each other. It was the
Superman of kisses. It came with its own cape. Right, Rachel?”

She agrees, although she looks a little uncomfortable.

And then the winners are announced, and New Directions isn’t
even in the top ten.

This wasn’t a big deal to me, although I’d kind of assumed
they’d come closer than that. I knew there was no way they’d have them win
because hello, then what would they do next season? But not even in the top
ten? Ouch. The judges must have hated that kiss even more than Jessie did.

Or maybe it was that they wrote their songs, taught them to
the band (where, by the way, did the band stay, since they weren’t in the hotel
and Will said he had only two rooms?) and learned them in like, an hour.

Ack. I did it again, didn’t I?

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