“Glee” Episode 222 Recap: Nationals!

Down in the lobby, Dustin
(Cheyenne Jackson, who
I’d truly hoped we were going to see a lot more of this season) strolls up to
Mr. Schue and wishes him good luck in his Broadway debut.

When he does, he gives him this flirty up-and-down with his
eyelashes, and I know we’ve been told Goolsby is straight, so I don’t know if
he’s not, or that was just Cheyenne,
not Dustin. Or wait, I’m over-thinking
this, aren’t I?

“How did you find out?” Will asks. They’re
suddenly sitting at the bar.

“It’s all over the Broadway blogosphere,” he says.
“By ‘blogosphere’ I mean the one blog that actually cares about

He advises Will not to tell the New Directions kids, and
says he hates his own kids. “I would literally whip them if I could. Every
time I watch them achieve, it reminds me of what I missed out on.”

“I love my kids,” Will says.

“What? No, you don’t. They’re hideous. My kids are at
least attractive. Yours look like they haven’t been baked properly.”

Will’s having none of it, of course. He says that watching
them grow into young men and women has been the joy of his life.

“You’re starting to tear up,” Goolsby observes
with disgust. “I bet people think I broke up with you.” He stands up.
“See you on the ice, Schuester.”

Will shows up in the hotel room with pizza, and Quinn, in
her new, shorter haircut, tells him they’ve heard. Turns out Goolsby told them
– surprise, surprise. Will first tells them he hasn’t made up his mind, but as
they talk, he suddenly does.

“I’m not going,” he says. “I’m staying with
you guys…. You and I have some unfinished business to take care of. Get out
your notebooks. Time to get to work!”

Then they have a big group hug and I guess finally write their songs.

They get to the competition where Will jinxes everything but
saying they have a really good chance at winning this thing.

An all-girl’s choir sings Usher’s “Yeah,” while wearing like the worst dresses
ever. Will notices Goolsby walking out, and he follows him into the lobby and tells
him that New Directions is going to win the competition.

“You’re about to go up against the best show choirs in
the country, and your team spent all week mooning about how great New York
is,” he responds (correctly). “You’re a bag of meat.”

In the next scene, Rachel’s in the ladies’ room, where she
hears someone throwing up in one of the stalls.

“Santana?” she says.

But it’s Sunshine
from Vocal Adrenaline.

Rachel accuses her of being bulimic, but it turns out she’s
just nervous. She says she used to love singing but now she hates it; seems the
machine that is Vocal Adrenaline doesn’t work for her.

They rehash the whole crack house thing, and Rachel finally
confesses that she did that to Sunshine because she’s so talented.

Sunshine’s always been super-cute, but tonight she looks
horrible in her bright blue dress and unflattering hairstyle. Rachel hugs her

Vocal Adrenaline performs “As Long As You’re
There,” which I think is an original song? I don’t recognize it and Google
was not helpful. Sunshine just isn’t as good as she’s been in the past, and
neither is Vocal Adrenaline. Seems Goolsby’s not as good a coach as Rachel’s

They get huge applause anyway.

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