“Glee” Episode 222 Recap: Nationals!


The next morning – when I feel the need to point out they
still have no songs written – Kurt wakes Rachel up and says they’re going to
breakfast at Tiffany’s. Of course they are.

So we get what has to be one of the finest Kurt and Rachel
friendship scenes in the history of Glee,
as they talk about their mutual love of Broadway and their determination to
come back the instant they graduate.

“I talked to Blaine, and
he’s on board, too,” Kurt says.

“Good,” Rachel answers. “But what am I going
to do about Finn?” She thinks he wants to get back together, she says,
“but I can’t let anything keep me from my Manhattan destiny.”

“Bring him along,” Kurt says. “He’ll be great
if we need to move anything heavy.”

“Finn won’t come,” she says, “He’s too much
of a country boy.” Say what?

“Ah,” says Kurt. “The age old dilemma, love
or career. You’re gonna have to make a choice.”

“I don’t know how,” Rachel says.

“I do,” Kurt tells her. “Follow me.”

Then they break into the theater where Wicked is playing, and sing “For Good.” It’s truly one of
their best duets (which is saying a lot), and I really loved how Chris Colfer used his voice in this one
– he moved much more effortlessly between his head voice and his chest voice
than he did in the Gypsy number he
did last week. (And thanks to my actor/singer friend, Travis
Terry, for letting me sound smart by using those singing
terms. Me, I call them his “high voice” and his “deeper

And of course, singing the song showed Rachel that Broadway is
her destiny, not Finn. And they hold hands and really, just too sweet. I really
like them as friends, and I love that their bond is and has always been their
talent and their dreams.

Back in the girl’s hotel room, Santana and Brittany are
banging on the bathroom door. “Quinn,” Santana yells through the
door. “Quit hogging the bathroom. I needs to re-pencil my eyebrows

Quinn emerges, and says she’s going to tell Mr. Schue that
Kurt and Rachel snuck off.

“You can’t do that,” Brittany says. “He’ll suspend
them.” Yeah, because Will is so hard-ass about the rules.

“And then there goes our chances at Nationals,”
Quinn says sarcastically. “Darn.”

“You know what?” Santana says. “We get it. You’re
pissed about Finn dumping your sweet ass. Get over it.”

“I don’t want to get over it!” Quinn explodes.

“The only person you’re sabotaging here is
yourself,” Santana tells her.

“I don’t care about some dumb show choir
competition,” Quinn says, furious.

“Well you should, because this is the one chance we
have to actually feel good about ourselves.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be the popular girls?”
Quinn says, so much pain and loss in her face it choked me up. “So why
can’t we be the ones to have our dreams come true?”

And the look on Santana’s face… that really gets her.

Quinn’s not done. “She has love. Tina has it. Even Zizes
hooks up.”

Santana is looking stricken, and Brittany is flushed and looking at the
floor. I think this is a more meaningful and intense Brittana scene, although
largely subtextual, than the overt one we get at the very end of the episode.
This is the kind of thing that sparks a thousand fan fics, and hey, writers,
it’s going to be a long summer break. Start writing that now, kthnx.

Quinn sits on the bed, crying. “I just want somebody to
love me.”

Santana and Brittany sit on either side of her, Brit stroking
her hair. “I think I know how to make you feel better,” Santana says.

“I’m flattered, Santana,” a weeping Quinn tells
her, “But I’m really not that into that.”

Notice she doesn’t say, “I’m not into that.” She
says, “I’m really not that into
that.” There goes the fan fic again.

“No,” Santana says. “I’m not talking about
that. I’m talking about a haircut.”

“Yes!” Brittany
agrees, smiling. Adorable scene, truly.

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