“Glee” Episode 221 Recap: Four Solos and a Funeral


When he walks in, Santana says, “Oh, Mr. Schue, thank
god you’re here to put these trolls out of their misery! Can you just announce
my win so I can get back to teasing the losers?”

Kurt gives her a look. “I heard your performance,
Santana. This is mine, and you know it.”

Mr. Schue says this is just the kind of infighting and
attitude he wanted to avoid, and Jesse says, “What you call infighting, I
call motivation.”

Will says screw it to the “lead performer”
concept, and they’ll be going to New
York and performing as a group, just like they always
have. “We’re a team, and we’re best when we work as one.”

“You’re going to lose,” Jesse says flatly.

“Whatever we do,” Will says, “we’re going to
do it together.”

“Actually, Santana, you sounded pretty good,” Kurt

“Thanks,” she says. “You guys were all pretty
dope, too. Even Rachel.”

“I wish I could sound like you do, Santana,”
Rachel says. “How do you get that raspiness?”

“So nice. I smoke cigars,” she tells her.

Time to get to work, Mr. Schue says. “I want two hit
songs by the time the wheels touch down at JFK.” Oh, god. They’re going
write the songs on the plane. This show is going to kill me.

Finn thanks Quinn for not quitting Glee Club, and she says
if she did that, her “big plans” for New York would be ruined.

“What plans?” Finn asks.

“You’ll see,” she says mysteriously.

And that is, as they say, what happened on Glee. Next week: The season finale, New York City, and the

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