“Glee” Episode 221 Recap: Four Solos and a Funeral

The newly softened Sue makes things up with Becky, and tells
her that next year she’ll be captain of the Cheerios. She also hugs her.
Inappropriate, perhaps, but beyond sweet.

But we’re not done with the redemption of Sue Sylvester. She
goes to Will and says, “In the history of our relationship, I’ve said many
things to you. But there’s one thing I’ve never said: good luck. You know, I
spent all this time hating you, hating that Glee Club – I do this thing where I
sort of alternate which one of those kids I hate the most; right now, it’s the
dancing Asian – but after what you did for my sister, I just can’t do it
anymore. You have something Jean had, that I do not have: a pure heart. You’re
a very good friend, William, and I have not been that to you.”

Sue swears off going after the Glee Club, saying she’s going
to run for the United States House of Representatives to help reform health
care, and confesses she’s re-routed the Glee Club’s tickets to New York through Libya. Terri shows up out of
nowhere and says, “I can explain that.”

Sue gets up and says, “I’m going to leave you two alone,
as this just became super-awkward.”

Terri explains that she somehow got the ticket mess fixed
and they’ve all got first class tickets to New York – I won’t even bother trying to
explain, it made no sense and it didn’t matter. She tells Will she’s moving to Miami, and she hugs him
in a way that lets us know she’s not over him, even though he’s clearly over

Terri leaves, but not before she sees Will and Emma start
walking together – Emma wearing one of Will’s discarded vests. I love me some
Emma, but this whole fatalistic thing about Will leaving is kind of pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, Rachel is in the auditorium to meet
Jesse, who flatters himself that she recognized “the masculine sound of
his designer boots,” whatever that means. He assures her she’s going to
win the lead soloist roll, and he kisses her —
just as Finn walks in, a flower in his hand.

Finn looks stricken, and misses that Rachel doesn’t seem all
that into Jesse’s kiss. Jesse also assures Rachel once again that he’s doing
this to make things up to her and that she’s the only thing in the world more
important than fame, but it’s all a load of crap, of course. At least, that’s
what I think is going on.

Whatever plan Jesse has, Mr. Schue is derailing at least
part of it. Instead of posting Rachel as the winner, he simply puts up a note
calling an emergency meeting in the choir room.

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