“Glee” Episode 221 Recap: Four Solos and a Funeral


Sue turns at the door. “I was afraid no one would come.
Jean didn’t know a lot of people. I figured with the Glee Club there, at least
she’d have a full house.” Jane
is utterly believable and completely brilliant in this episode, and
this may be her most powerful moment.

After Sue leaves, Finn stares at the Willy Wonka tape. And
when Sue shows up at the service the next day (I’m assuming it’s the next day),
she finds that not only is the place full to over-flowing with Jean’s friends
from the home where she lived, but the Glee Club has decorated the room with a
Willy Wonka theme.

Jean’s minister speaks briefly, then Sue gets up to say a
few words. Only she can’t – she’s too choked up. So Will reads them for her,
and while they’re beautiful and heartfelt, I found it very strange that he read

Then the Glee Club sings “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka, and it’s just right,
however “treacly” it may be. And they play video of Sue with her
sister, and I cried again, okay? I really did. Even Sue held Will’s hand. And
then she whispers, “Thank you.”

Sue’s deep love for Jean teaches Finn one thing: He doesn’t
feel that depth of emotion for Quinn. So, in a fit of really awful timing, he
breaks up with her right after the funeral.

Quinn at first denies it’s happening, even talking about
them being prom queen and king next year, but Finn explodes at her. “Don’t
you feel anything any more?”

She starts to cry, and he does his usual flip-flop and says
he still loves her, but she just runs off… as Finn gazes at Rachel, passing by
in the parking lot. Stay classy, Finn.

is videoing the announcement of the winner of the auditions, and Jesse says,
“Santana, too mean. Kurt, too controversial. Mercedes, I’ve said it
before, I’ll say it again: Lazy b-o-n-e-s. The clear winner is Rachel.”

Mr. Schue says he’s not comfortable being taped, and Jesse
says he can’t practice being on reality TV without a camera. “It’s like
practicing skiing without skis.”

“I’ve totally done that,” Brittany says.

But Mr. Schue insists, and Brittany invites Jesse to come on
“Fondue for Two” and judge Lord Tubbington. All I can say is, stay
away from the cat, St. James, and I won’t have to hurt you.

It turns out that Mr. Schue isn’t comfortable with the
audition process. “You really think picking Rachel means we beat Vocal
Adrenaline?” he says.

“It’s in the bag,” Jesse says.

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