“Glee” Episode 217 Recap: Vicious, Vicious Words


Will walks in and finds Sandy talking to the kids. He asks what he’s
doing there, and Artie says that Sandy’s going
to pay for the Brainiacs’ trip to the Smartypants’
finals in Detroit.
“I tried to be a hater, but I just couldn’t do it,” Sandy says. “It’s drug money, but it’s actually
a fantastic way to launder it.”

Sue is furious, and Sandy
says, “Aretha Franklin is my kryptonite.”

Dustin’s also there, and she’s angry at him, too. He says
that he got Sunshine to pull out of the benefit, and Will and Holly did end up
breaking up, even if it wasn’t over him.

But Sue rejects his excuses, and says, “In my hour of
need, Honey Badger, I turn to you. Your time has come.”

Terri smiles.

The closing scene has the Brainiacs at the finals, where the
tie-breaking category is, “Hermaphrodite Nazi-sympathizers.”

And Artie and Brittany smile.

In conclusion, Glee,
just be as good next week as the preview looks like you will be, and we’ll
forget this episode ever happened.

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