“Glee” Episode 217 Recap: Vicious, Vicious Words


Which leaves only Kurt and Blaine, as far as I can tell, to
listen to Holly sing Adele’s
“Turning Tables.” Badly. Sigh. Holly, please stop singing. Really. Please. I’m
begging you. You just killed this song, and I don’t mean in a good way.

Sue’s tells Sandy
she’s pissed that the hecklers were vanquished by Holly, and he promises to do
better. (Also? Jacob’s car has a license plate that says, “Jew Fro.”)

goes back in, and Mercedes, touched by Rachel’s appeal, comes back in and goes
onstage and sings Aretha’s “Ain’t No Way.” She nails it to the wall,
but I can’t help but wondering where this painfully broke Glee Club got the
resources to hire the gospel choir that backs her up.

Mercedes also looked incredible in her blue sequins and high
heels, and girl has some LEGS. We should see them more often.

too, turns out to be a big fan, and gives her a standing ovation. So does
everyone else.

Mercedes, glowing, runs off stage and tells Rachel it’s her
turn to bring the house down. Rachel says the house has already been brought
down, and no way is she going to follow that. It’s her highest compliment. I
really like Rachel in this episode.

Holly and Will break up. Oh, and she says she might settle
down some day but not with him because he’s in love with someone else –
“And thanks to my counseling, she’s available now. And by the way, she’s
totally into you, too.”

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