“Glee” Episode 217 Recap: Vicious, Vicious Words


Mike dances to Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes,” with
a mop. His dancing is, of course, wonderful, but it just doesn’t fit in… and I
don’t see the “neglected artist” thing here, either.

Kurt and Blaine love it, however, and the hecklers finally
finish their taffy and start up again.

The kids decide they’re going to send Mercedes out to
silence the hecklers, but Lauren informs them, “Mercedes has left the
building,” because “Miss Jones doesn’t appreciate how she’s been
treated.” Holly tells the kids to go find Mercedes while she goes out and
deals with “the haters.”

Holly tries to appeal to the heckler’s sense of decency. She
says, admiringly, that they’re great hecklers. “You guys must practice a lot.”

Azimio modestly says it’s not so; he mostly just practices
on the Internet. “My posts on NCIS and CSI: Miami chat rooms are legendary.”

Holly comments that she’s never seen him on there, and he
says, “You wouldn’t, because I mostly post as NCISucks or NCIStupid.”

“I’m the Beckster in the Entertainment Weekly chat
rooms,” says Becky.

“My ‘CurlyHairedInCairo’ Twitter account helped bring
down Mubarak,” Jacob says. “The Internet has allowed us to be
brutally cruel without any consequences. In the past, if I wanted to tell
someone they sucked, I’d have to say it to their face, which would usually
result in them kicking me in the groin.”

Holly gives a little lecture on the “culture of
insults” and how their comments arise out of their own insecurity and
really hurt people. This clearly bothers Becky and even Azimio. Holly tries to
get them to come back in and “turn those jeers into cheers,” but
Azimio says no, he’s going to go to the NCIS chat room and post about how
handsome Mark Harmon is. Jacob and Becky bail, too – Jacob stopping to hit on
Holly on his way out.

A rain-drenched Rachel finds Mercedes sitting in her car,
and they have a little diva-to-diva talk. Mercedes says she doesn’t want a pep
talk, but Rachel ignores her and tells hera story about Aretha Franklin and how
she became the “Queen of Soul.”

Mercedes asks, “Why are you always the big star? You
get the big solos, the moment in the sun… why is it never me?”

“Yeah,” Mercedes says. “And everybody likes me.”

That, Rachel says, is the problem; you can’t want anything,
including to be liked, more than you want to be a star.

“I just wanted that closing slot,” Mercedes says

“Then go in there,” Rachel answers, “and take
it from me.”

Kurt and Blaine come back into the auditorium, and Blaine tells Sandy,
“You’re a terrible person, you know that?”

“You sound just like my court-appointed
therapist,” Sandy

Sue tells Sandy
she needs to talk to him.

“Yes, General,” he says.

On their way out, Will says he had a feeling Sue was behind
the heckling.

“You have no proof,” she says, and she and Sandy

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