“Glee” Episode 216 Recap: Gay Romance and Rockin’ Regionals


I assumed it would be over, but we’re out in a shade-dappled
parkland somewhere
, with Kurt holding a red rose and whispering,
“Farewell, sweet prince,” as he buries Pavarotti, Blaine supportively by his side.

Kurt’s upset, but not for the reason Blaine thinks, that the loss of Pavarotti
reminds Kurt of his mother’s death. Kurt says he’s right, but that’s not the
real reason. He’s mostly upset because they lost at Regionals.

tells him not to worry. “The competition season is over, but we do shows
at nursing homes all the time,” he says reassuringly. “And do you
know how many Gaps there are in Ohio?
Tons.” (Okay, that’s the old Blaine, isn’t it?)

“Yeah, I just really, really wanted to win,” Kurt

“So did I,” Blaine
whispers to Kurt. “But we got each other out of this. That beats a lousy
trophy, don’t you think?”

I am totally ignoring the foreshadowing there. La la la I
can’t hear you.

Then they take each other’s hands, and walk off together.

In the choir room, we find out that Will is in fact dating
Holly Holliday, and then he announces that the club has voted unanimously to
give the “MVP Award” to Rachel.

Everyone applauds, and she says she wants to say a few

“Here she goes,” says Santana, “making me
regret voting for her.”

But Rachel’s speech is short, simple and heart-felt,
thanking everyone for making her feel special. The episode ends with a big
beautiful group hug… which is going to have to hold our queer little lovelorn
hearts for a while, because this show?

On hiatus for the next four weeks.

And that, my darlings, is what happened on Glee.

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