“Glee” Episode 216 Recap: Gay Romance and Rockin’ Regionals

Backstage, Rachel tells Finn to listen to the lyrics of
“Get it Right,”
because she means every word. Then she solos into her
pink rhinestoned mic, with the rest of the Glee Club joining in on backup.

The girls are wearing black leggings and cute lace-up ankle
boots, with light blue satin dresses with black-ribboned waistbands and
bejeweled necklines – dig the shoes and leggings, but the dresses are
unflattering on pretty much everyone except Brittany, who seems to be able to
wear anything.

Rachel then introduces New Directions, and they break out
into one of the best songs they’ve ever done in the two seasons of Glee, an
original song called “Loser Like Me.” And it’s not just me; this
one’s currently the number one download on iTunes. Kurt pulls big foam
“L” gloves out from under his seat and passes them out, and the whole
audience loses along with the Glee kids. And at the very end, they take big
slushy cups full of red glitter and toss them onto the audience.

I could possibly die happy now.

In the judge’s room, Kathy Griffin’s Tea Partier wants to
know if all the kids can prove they were born in the U.S., and it turns out our
nun is a liberal former exotic dancer who just joined the convent so she’d have
a place to live, and Rod gives New Directions a big thumbs up.

Ms. Tea Party takes a few snipes at Blaine and Kurt, the nun
wonders if Dalton Academy is a gay school “or just seems gay,” and
then Rod says his hairdresser is a gay, and has been with his partner – also a
hairdresser – for 15 years, and he sees no reason they shouldn’t be able to get
married and raise a family of beautiful wigs.

Cut to the stage.

“My husband is verbally abusive and I have been
drinking since noon,” announces Lt. Gov. Stevens’ wife Carla Turlington
Stevens, before announcing that New Directions is going to Nationals in New York City.

Slow-motion happy happy joy joy – except for Blaine and
Kurt, who seem kind of crushed, and Sue, who decks Mrs. Stevens. Yowza.

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