“Glee” Episode 215 Recap: “Everybody’s Got a Random!”

says, “I’m sorry,” and reaches for Santana, who says, “Don’t.
Get off me,” and walks off, leaving Brittany
standing despondent in the hall.

For the third time tonight, that scene made me cry. It seems to have had that
effect on a lot of us. But beyond that, I don’t know what to say. I felt this
scene so completely on an emotional level, I can’t distance myself enough from
it to do anything more than type it out. And it’s almost 4 in the morning, and
I’ve got to stop trying to come up with something brilliant and insightful, and
just quote AfterEllen’s Dorothy Snarker, who posted this to Twitter last night:

Say what you will about Glee, but that hour was a gift to gay
teens, boys & girls. Real conversations, real emotions. Well done.

And that’s it: It felt real. So much that it hurt, brutally.
And yeah, whatever criticism I’ve had of Glee
in the past, and will have in the future, and may even have about this episode
once I’ve had some time to process it, nothing is going to change how real it
felt tonight.

And to have two major storylines about queer teen
characters? Like Dorothy said, it’s a gift.

Not that the episode is over, but I’m just going to quickly
summarize the last few minutes.

Lauren confronts Puck about joining the Celibacy Club, and
he stands up for himself and for his feelings for her. She finally relents and
kisses him, and says that if they can play footsie at the meetings, she’s in,

Emma isn’t at the next meeting, though; according to Rachel,
she’s using the hour she used to be there to
do something about “her sham of a marriage.” Puck asks Quinn
where she got her hickey, and in a flashback we see that she got it from Finn,
making out on her bed while her mother’s at work. But she says she got it from a
curling iron burn.

there, too – and so is Santana. And Artie. Did the whole Glee Club join? Brittany tells her that
she always uses the curling iron in the bathtub, to avoid burning herself.

Holly tells Will she’s leaving, plants the seed that Emma
still cares for him, and then says she thinks she wants to date Will after all;
they kiss. The end.

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