“Glee” Episode 215 Recap: “Everybody’s Got a Random!”

Then Will and Holly rehearse a tango to Prince‘s “Kiss.” They have backup dancers and props and
costumes that disappear when the song’s over, leaving just regular Will and
Holly in a real-life kiss.

He asks her to go out with him, and she says, “You
don’t want any of this. I’m damaged goods. Which means I’m great in bed, but it
also means I tend to break nice guys like you into Wasa crackers.”

“I think I can handle it,” he tells her.

“You married your high school sweetheart and then you
went out with a virgin,” she says. Word.

meanwhile, decided he needed to make me remember why I once thought he deserved
Kurt, and goes to see Burt at the
repair shop. “Need a hand?” he asks, strolling in wearing his scarf
and an expensive-looking coat.

“Yeah,” Burt says, just the faintest hint of
unease or perhaps snark in his voice. “Why don’t you hand me that

plucks it out of a pile of car parts, clearly to Burt’s surprise. Turns out
Blaine and his father had rebuilt a ’59 Chevy as a bonding exercise. “You here looking for parts?” Burt

But no. Blaine
wants to talk about Kurt. Burt’s alarmed. “Is he okay?”

“Have you ever talked to him about sex?” Blaine asks.

Burt’s clearly uncomfortable, but he mans up and asks Blaine, “Are you gay
or straight or what?”

“I’m definitely gay,” Blaine says.

“Good. I mean, whatever, but good for Kurt. He needs
someone like you to, you know, talk to.”

“Well, that’s the thing. I’ve tried talking to him, but
he basically puts his fingers in his ears and starts singing.”

“Well, when he’s ready, he’ll listen,” Burt says.

“I’m worried it might be too late,” Blaine says. “Dalton doesn’t even have
sex ed classes. Most schools don’t. And the ones that do almost never discuss
what sex is like for gay kids.” He switches gears. “Kurt is the most
moral, compassionate person I’ve ever met.”

“Well, he gets that from his mother.” (No, Burt, I
think he’s getting it from both sides.)

“And I’m blown away by your guys’ relationship. You
think my dad built a car with me because he loves cars? I think he did it
because he thought getting my hands dirty would make me straight.”

Burt nods, looking thoughtful. “He talk to you about
this kind of stuff?”

says no, that he had to find everything out on the Internet – something Kurt’s
refusing to do. “And one day he’ll be at a party and maybe have a few
drinks, and he’ll meet some guy and they’ll start fooling around. And he’s not
going to know about using protection or STDs. I don’t have the relationship
with my dad that you have with Kurt. I think it would be really cool if you
took advantage of that.” He hesitates. “I’m sorry if I’m over-stepping.”

“You are,” Burt says, having gone back to the car.
But of course, he wasn’t, and Burt knows it.

Best boyfriend/best friend-parent sex talk ever.

Only one, probably. But even if there were millions, this
would be the best one.

So, I know most people liked the song in the next scene,
which was Holly, Brittany and Santana singing Stevie Nicks‘ “Landslide”
(which was more recently covered by The
Dixie Chicks
). I love the song and this version was very pretty, but I just
wanted Holly to get the heck out of there and let Brittany and Santana sing it to each other.
Wasn’t that what the song was supposed to be about? It’s basically a solo by
Holly, with a few backup vocals by Brittany and Santana.

That said, the looks that the two girls were giving each
other, and Santana’s tears, were perfect. And when it was over, Brittany asks Santana,
“Is that really how you feel?”

And Santana wipes her tears and sniffs and says,

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