“Glee” Episode 213 Recap: Oh, Say Can You Bieb?

Lauren does her solo, the 80s hit “I Know What Boys
Like” by the Waitresses. She’s a little nervous at first, but she imagines
the audience in their underwear and ends up on fire. Go, Lauren!

Sam and Santana are talking, and it’s clear she’s not at all
into him – she doesn’t find him charming or funny or sweet. After mocking his
lips, she says he has to know Quinn cheated on him. “I know you’re dumb as
a bag of hair, but she’s lying to you,” she says. “That gumball story
is insane.”

I don’t really get why she’s going after him, all things
considered, but I guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

With her heart and soul and sense of self restored by her
visit to the pediatric cancer ward with Will, Sue marches in and tells him that
so far, none of the Glee Club kids has actually sung a single anthem. (True.) She’s
going to change that.

“I’ll admit your little field trip to the House of Sad
inspired me,” she says. “But no way am I going it alone. The whole
crew has to sing it with me. And here’s the catch: No more Bieber. No hoodies.
No pocket lesbian Bieber hair.”

“Well, that can be arranged,” Will says.
“What’s your song?”

Cut to the auditorium, where the gang is all grunged out in
flannel shirts and stocking caps, and sings My Chemical Romance‘s “Sing.” Sue’s wearing a plaid track
suit, which almost elevates this to greatness, but really, at heart, it’s meh.

The last few minutes of the episode are kind of
action-packed. Sam breaks up with Quinn and tells her he’s dating Santana. Will
announces that “Sing” will be their anthem for Regionals. Rachel
tries to make the case that it’s not a strong enough song for that competition,
and suggests that the group perform an original song. Will doesn’t agree, but
lets the class vote; Rachel is the lone vote for her proposal.

After the kids leave, Sue wanders in and says she’s decided
to give music a chance. Will’s happy until he finds out she’s taken a part-time
job as the coach of Aural Intensity, the third group New Directions will be
facing at Regionals.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough to cram into the ending,
Finn tells Rachel that he agreed with her about the Chemical Romance song, but
he didn’t vote for it because he thinks she should write the song and
“cram it down their throats.” And, like last week, he tells her that
he believes in her, and that, in the choir room, she’s “a
trendsetter.” And that the old Rachel “might be making a

Oh, and then we saw the preview for next week and the
infamous leaked “bisexual!Blaine” episode, in which it seems like
he’s drunk enough to fall flat on his back when Rachel kisses him in a public
game of “Spin the Bottle.”

I love this show. I love this show. It’s stupid, but I love
this show.

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