“Glee” Episode 213 Recap: Oh, Say Can You Bieb?

Speaking of fashion, Finn has joined the Bieber Collective
in a black hoody and some kind of bangs weave or something.

Anyway, the diva-off. Rachel and Mercedes sing “Take Me
For What I Am” from Rent. I know
there’s already been a lot of ranting about this, and I hate to jump in late,
but this musical meant a lot to me – it
was pretty much the story of my life back in the 80s. I’ve seen the stage
version four times in three cities, and I can’t count how many times I’ve seen
the film, and I’ve cried my eyes out every time.

So, seeing them perform this number without any meaningful context
just pisses me off. And Rachel didn’t do this song any favors, either. Maybe
someone who heard it without the backstory would feel differently, I don’t
know. I give it a D.

Rachel and Mercedes seem to have gotten their Sue-stirred
hostilities out while singing, however, and are BFFs again by song’s end, much
to Sue’s dismay. To try to cheer her up, Will takes her to sing with a group of
kids with cancer. We’ve all seen this side of Sue before, with her sister, and
I was as resistant to the cliché of this scene as Sue was, but regardless of all
that, I kind of fell a little in love with her here.

Back at McKinley, all the girls are wearing sweaters with
ponies on them and bowed shirts and little skirts and tights, and at first
Rachel’s thrilled – until she finds out no one is giving her credit for the
look; it’s all about Brittany.

“This sweater should make me look like an
institutionalized toddler,” Santana tells Quinn in a perky voice.
“But no, I look smart and hot. I
feel like Michelle Obama.”

Rachel’s so upset she once again demands her money back from
Brittany, who says no can do. “I used it to pay a publicist.” (Rachel
must have some allowance.)

“Jacob Ben Israel posted a photo of me,” Brittany goes on, “And this website called The Sartorialist named me
the trendiest girl in America.”

Rachel freaks out, and Brittany tells her she’s going to give her
some “tough love,” and that she’s not a trend-setter. “I’m
sorry, I have to go now. I have an interview with Teen Vogue.” Rachel
stands there, crushed.

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