“Glee” Episode 213 Recap: Oh, Say Can You Bieb?


Back at McKinley High, Rachel,
now through with love, is scheming to get back on the top she’s never been on
in the first place. Her plan involves bribing Brittany
to dress like her and thus establish Rachel as a trend-setter. Good luck with
that, Rach. Because Brittany
had promised to wear leg warmers, and she had, but on her arms. She was cold
because she was wearing a tank top in winter, because no one had ever taught
her how to read a calendar.

She’s also wearing one of several truly awesome hats
tonight. I really don’t miss the Cheerios pony tail at all.

Sue, back from the near-dead, goes on a rampage in the
halls, tearing hats from students’ heads, pushing them into lockers, tossing
their books, and… well, you know. Rampaging.

Will is in Emma’s office telling her what happened when Sue
comes in and asks if she can use the rafter’s in the room to hang herself.

Will asks if she hasn’t had one moment of joy since losing
out on a chance to go to Nationals, and Sue said there had been only one:
Singing along to Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been to Me,” which I will
editorially comment is the finest drag queen lip sync song ever written and the
absolute highlight of Priscilla, Queen of
the Desert

Anyway, this gives Emma the idea to lighten Sue’s spirits by
inviting her to join the Glee Club for a week. After all, she says brightly, it
worked with the football team. Will and Sue both object, but as usual, Emma

The New Directions kids aren’t very happy about it, but Will
pushes them. “Coach Sylvester has taken her licks,” he says

“Wanky,” comments Santana, in a way that makes it mean so much more.

“All she’s ever done is make our lives miserable,”
says Quinn.

“She got exactly what she deserved,” Santana agrees.

“You’re lucky I left my blow gun at home, air
bags,” Sue responds. “Because I’ve got a clear shot at your

Sue tells them she’s no longer a threat to them. “I
just hope that your singing and dancing around will pull me out of my doldrums
and give me a reason to live. Is that too much to ask?”

Now is my favorite part of the whole episode.

Will tells the class that he got the notice of their
competition for Regionals. First, of course, he says, is Kurt and the Warblers.

“Sweet Porcelain,” sighs Sue.

Can we linger on that moment? Sue’s been all over the place
lately, and I hated her like poison when she tried to kill Brittany last week,
but that arc where she resigned as principal because the school board wouldn’t
protect Kurt from Karofsky? Awesome. And remember how he got his new nickname?
Yeah. Anyway, back to “Comeback.”

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