“Glee” Episode 212 Recap: Stalker at the Gap

Back at the kissing booth, Quinn shows up with her dollar.
And Sam.

Finn gives Sam a look and says, “Pervert.”

Sam says, “I prefer chaperone and also,

Finn and Quinn kiss. There are fireworks. She pretends to feel
nothing, but runs back and tells Finn to meet her in the auditorium later.

Okay, you all saw the Gap thing leaked, right? You’re not
really going to expect me to tell you about Blaine singing to someone other than Kurt?
Especially a guy who… well, we’ll let Kurt explain.

“Hmmm,” says Kurt thoughtfully when Blaine points out the
object of his affection. “I can see the appeal. That’s quite a head of hair.”

“His name’s Jeremiah. If we got married, the Gap would give
me a fifty percent discount.”

Kurt treats that remark with the amused disdain it deserves,
without saying a word.

admits he and Jeremiah haven’t even gone out on a date, and Kurt rolls his
eyes. “Okay, man up. You’re amazing. He’s gonna love you.”

Go ahead, take my Gleek card away; I couldn’t watch this. I
know what happened, I just didn’t want to see it. Blaine sings to him, the guy seems kind of freaked
out, it ends. Maybe some nice person who is stronger than I am can recap this
part in the comments.

After the serenade, Blaine and Kurt are sitting outside on a
bench. Blaine
is hyperventilating. “Was it too much?”

Kurt gives him the Best. Look. Ever. but says nothing.

“Yeah, it was too much,” Blaine says miserably.

Jeremiah comes outside and says Blaine’s little “flash mob”
serenade got him fired. He says his boss didn’t like it – and neither did he. First
of all, because no one at work knows he’s gay.

Kurt breaks in. “May I be honest? Just with the hair, I
think they do.”

Jeremiah ignores him, and tells Blaine
that they aren’t dating, and if they were he’d get arrested because Blaine is underage. (He’s
obviously never seen Queer as Folk.)

Back in choir room, everyone is paired up – except Santana.
Now we get her mental voice-over: “Oh, gross. How is this possible? I’m the
hottest piece of action at this school, and here I am on Valentine’s, single. Whatever. I’ll just marry an NFL
player. They’re super-reliable.”

Then she notices Quinn and Finn giving each other strange looks
and realizes there’s something going on. So she hatches a plot: “I think
it’s time to do what Santana does best: revenge.”

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