“Glee” Episode 211 Recap: It’s a Killer, Thriller Mash-up

Rachel – who looks really, really cute in her football
uniform; butch becomes her – tells Finn the only way they can come back from
behind is to kick ass in the halftime show. Which gives Finn an idea. He tells
Sam to take over as quarterback for the rest of the half, and tells Puck to
figure out a way to get the rest of the football team, including Karofsky, to
participate in the halftime performance.

“Where are you going?” asks Rachel.

“Can’t have a halftime show without cheerleaders,”
he says.

Brittany, Santana and Quinn are looking at the cannon while
waiting to get on the bus to the cheerleading competition. “I’m going to
die,” Brittany

“It’ll be worth it,” Santana tells her
consolingly. One of the few words Santana utters in the entire episode, and
it’s to tell Brittany
to suck up death? You’re killin’ me, Glee

Finn runs up to the three of them and asks them to come
perform at halftime. “You joined Cheerios to be popular; you joined Glee
Club because you loved it. Sue doesn’t care about you guys. She’s fine killing Brittany. Tell me
honestly, if you didn’t think it would hurt your reputation, which would you

The three of them decide to say screw Sue, and leave with
Finn. Sue tries to stop them, saying, “You’re my stars. If you leave, I
have no performance.”

“Sucks for you,” Brittany says as they go.

Puck finds Karofsky, Azimio, and the guys in the locker
room, and lays into them. He gives what I think was the best line of the show:
“You’re so afraid of being called losers, or geeks, or gay, that you
settle for being nothing.”

He tells them that if they perform in the halftime show,
Beiste will let them back on the team for the second half. The guys are in –
except Karofsky, who tries to convince Azimio not to go, either. “I really
want to win this game,” Azimio tells him. “It means so much to my
dad.” Oh, great, Glee, make me
feel sorry for all the bad guys. Now
you’re just pissing me off.

They leave Karofsky behind, with a miserable look on his

The “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” mash-up is
fantastic, the dancing and costumes are great, but I really can’t understand
the lighting – it’s dark, and not in an artistic way. It’s just dark.

Karofsky’s watching from the stands, but he can’t resist the
boogie, and runs down on the field and joins the dancers.

Okay, now I see Blaine
is with Kurt in the stands. I feel better.

Everyone’s hugging Karofsky. I wonder how Kurt feels about

Coach Beiste tells the team to keep their zombie makeup and
costumes on, because they might freak out the guys on the other team.

The Titans relegate the girls to cheering on the sidelines –
even Lauren – and start smashing up the other team. “One of those zombies
bit me!” one guy complains.

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