“Glee” Episode 211 Recap: It’s a Killer, Thriller Mash-up

Then she hands Brittany
a note, in crayon, from the human cannon, saying how much it misses her.

“Coach, that cannon is going to get Brittany killed,” Quinn objects.
“Is that really worth it, just to win a stupid national

Apparently, it is. And, somewhat unexpectedly and without
Santana having one line of dialogue, they choose the Cheerios.

Finn goes ballistic on Quinn in the hallway, and Sam comes
to her defense, and they get into a fight, which Mr. Schu breaks up. This
episode is exhausting me.

The guys of the Glee-with-football Club perform the Zombies
“She’s Not There” (which I always thought was called “No One
Told Me About Her,” glad I looked it up) – I guess this was the
“warm-up number” Karofsky pitched to Finn.

And then the hockey team slushies the football team for
“making dancing fools of yourself.” “Holy crap,” one
“puckhead” says, “They turned Karofsky gay!”

Karofsky apparently can’t handle a slushying (although we
really know what he couldn’t handle), and he and the goons walk out of the Glee
Club; Coach Beiste accordingly throws them off the football team.

Insert gratuitous Warbler’s song number here: “Bills
Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child. I think everyone liked it, given that
Darren Criss,”
“Warblers,” and “Destiny’s Child” were all trending on
Twitter all night. But listen, don’t hate me, and above all don’t think I hate Glee, or Blaine,
or Klaine, because I love Glee and if
things don’t work out between Kurt and Blaine I’m going to be really pissed. But
I thought it was kind of lame.

felt differently; he was incredibly pumped when they finished singing, and said
this would be one of their numbers at Regionals. I hope it’s like last year,
when every other song the New Directions kids sang was supposed to be a number
for Regionals, but that’s the last we ever heard of the song.

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