“Glee” Episode 211 Recap: It’s a Killer, Thriller Mash-up

Mr. Shu says Karofsky bullies out of ignorance (he says that
right in front of him, which I think was totally uncool but very Mr.
Schu-esque), and that he’ll learn something from being in the Glee Club.

Azimio Adams (James Earl) objects to being forced to
sing show tunes, “the music of my oppressor.”

Finn says, “Do
you even have any idea what we do in here?”

No, Mr. Schu says; they don’t. So he invites Rachel and Puck to sing “Need You Now,”
a country song by an all-white country group called Lady
Antebellum. So the “lesson” for Azimio seems misplaced, but
what we do see is Finn freaking out at Puck and Rachel singing a duet, and Sam looking thoughtful.

“The girl with the Mohawk had a really nice
voice,” Azimio shouts, and Puck rips off his guitar and charges him. Mr.
Shu and Coach Beiste try to break it up, Rachel looks like she’s going to jump into the fray, but when the scene ends, chaos is
raging in the choir room.

After things quiet down, Puck proposes that he and Finn bury
the hatchet – the one where Puck got his girlfriend pregnant and then made out
with his other girlfriend. He tells Finn they have to band together again to
beat down the goons on the football team, and make the “glee studs”
cool and earn them respect.

Finn, who has firmly rejected Rachel several times now, asks
Puck why he sang the duet with her. We see a flashback to Rachel asking Puck to
do the duet with her to make Finn jealous (hello, it worked), but Puck swears
nothing like that will ever happen again. I believe him, don’t you?

So, Finn and Puck are together once more, and the greatest
slash pairing name of all time rides again. You know, the one we can’t use on
this site.

Meanwhile, Sue gets the Cheerios together out on the field,
and informs Brittany
she’ll be the sacrificial lamb — er, lucky athlete— to do the human cannonball
stunt. Brittany’s
lip quivers, and she says she doesn’t want to die, “At least not before One Tree Hill is canceled.”

Sue agrees to do one more safety test, and the test dummy
falls into several pieces on the field. Brittany
picks up the head, with its blonde wig, a look of horror on her face.

“Don’t worry,” Quinn tells her firmly. “I’ll
talk to Mr. Schu and take care of this.”

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