“Glee” Episode 210 Recap: Christmas time will always be, just as long as we have “Glee”


But the
Christmas miracles aren’t over yet. Not even close.

Will comes into his apartment and finds Sue there, decorating a huge, lush
Christmas tree.

“Hey, Will,” she says.

“How did you get in here?” he asks.

“Oh, I had a key made ages ago.” She has a present in her hand.
“How do you like your tree?”

He tells her it’s beautiful, and asks what’s going on.

She says, “Remember that old meanie who stole all that stuff out of the
choir room? We’ll, she’s sorry.”

“Really?” Will says, slowly. “And what made her change her

“I don’t know. Call it a Christmas and leave it at that,” she tells
him. “Now, I know a lot of these gifts are for orphans or something, but
here’s something special.” And she hands him the wrapped box — which
contains a set of clippers to sheer off the Chia pet he calls his hair. At
least Sue hasn’t completely reformed.

Or has she?
Because she blows a whistle and in walks the entire Glee Club, decorations and
holiday food in hand.

thought you hated the holidays?” Will murmurs to Sue.

I just hate you,” she says.

Christmas, Sue.”

Christmas, Will.”

And to all,
a good night.

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