“Glee” Episode 210 Recap: Christmas time will always be, just as long as we have “Glee”


The glee
kids decide to raise money to replace the gifts for the homeless gifts, the
boys by selling their watches, the girls by selling their hair, just like in
“The Gift of the Magi.”

my dad’s,” Finn says as he drops his watch into the hat.

want you to do it for the homeless kids,” Mike says.

was my uncle’s,” says Puck. “It’s the first thing I ever stole,

Sam just
drops his in silently.

“I’m going to look terrible,” says Quinn.

“Shut up,” Tina tells her. “With your bone structure, you could
pull off the Rosemary’s Baby look and still look good. I’m gonna look like
Jackie Chan.”

“If Barbra could pull off a bob, so can I,” Rachel says.

“Enough yapping,” snaps Santana, holding scissors to her pony tail.
“Let’s do this.”

Mr. Schue walks in. “Woah, what are you doing?”

“We’re going all ‘Gift of the Magi’ to buy the homeless kids those school
supplies,” Mercedes says.

“No, it’s okay,” Santana tells him. “Most of this isn’t mine

Will tells
them they got the story all wrong. “Have any of you actually read ‘Gift of
the Magi’?”

holds up her fingers in a pinching gesture, and Santana says, “I know what
it’s about. Life frigging sucks.”

Mr. Schue
says she’s right, and then he sits down and gives a really gloomy speech about
how terrible it is to grow up and seriously, dude, you’re getting me down. But
then he says there’s a way they can help the homeless kids, and here we go

Later that
night, Brittany is tucking her Ken doll into bed with another dark-skinned doll
who I couldn’t get a good look at but like to think is a Santana doll.
“Get a good night’s rest, Ken,” Brittany says tenderly. “You’re
gonna need it. Barbie took the early flight from Tampa.”

She hears a
noise, and dashes out into the living room, where she finds Santa poking around
by her tree.

has now met a black Santa and a green Santa, and doesn’t even blink that this
Santa is white. But that’s our Brittany.

This was an
amazing scene, full of some tender, wise dialogue and incredible acting by both
Heather Morris and Dot Jones. If you hated it, I’m sorry.
I loved it.

But it’s too early,” Brittany says.

you know what they say,” Santa Beiste says, turning around. “Early’s
late if you make tomorrow yesterday.”

smiles radiantly. “Awesome!”

Beiste says she was in the neighborhood on a “dry run,” and asks
Brittany to sit with her. Brittany sits on her lap, and Santa Beiste shifts her
to the sofa, saying Santa’s stinky and needs a sponge bath from Mrs. Claus.

Beiste asks if there isn’t anything Brittany wants other than for Artie to walk,
and she says no. Santa Beiste tells her a story about a girl who was a little
husky and always asked Santa to make her look like the other girls — not
pretty or nothing, she says, just not to stand out so much. But Santa gave her
patience, instead, and the girl was glad about it later, because she made the
husky thing work for her.

her name Rikki Lake?” asks Brittany.

Santa says
that sometimes, the gift of patience is the best gift of all for “good
girls like you, Brittany.” Awwwww. “I’m sorry, Punkin,” Santa
Beiste says, sounding heartbroken. “It’s just not gonna happen.” And
she gets up to leave.

you going to go up the chimney?” Brittany says as Santa Beiste heads for
the back door.

dry runs, Santa uses the Isuzu,” she tells her.

Brittany sits on the sofa, looking thoughtful and unhappy.

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