“Glee” Episode 210 Recap: Christmas time will always be, just as long as we have “Glee”

Kurt, of course, has the perfect idea: A fur lined
track suit. Which we see when Sue gets her secret Santa gifts from … everyone.
Turns out she rigged the draw because, while she hates Christmas, she loves
getting presents.

Emma, Will
and Coach Beiste tell Sue they’re not going to let her steal Christmas, but she
says she already did.

The next
day, Sue’s stalking the halls, and snatches a Santa hat from Lauren. While
she’s gloating, Becky Jackson runs
up and says, “Coach! We have a problem!”

Sue finds
Will and Coach Bieste in her office, rounding up all her presents to donate to
the homeless.

go into the glove box of my Le Car and get my tear gas. Then get me Gloria
Allred,” Sue says. Becky rushes off to comply, but Will says he checked
with human resources, who told him Sue has no legal right to gifts obtained by

what is your problem, anyway? Were you one of those kids who never got presents
at Christmas?”

Dr. Laura,” she sneers at him. “As a matter of fact I was, and I’m
making up for it now.”

As they
leave her office in triumph, Will turns around and says, “You know what
you are, Sue? You’re a Grinch.”

Sue drops
her eyes to Lauren’s Santa hat, still clutched in her hand.

In the
locker room, Sam, Puck, Artie and Mike are trying to convince Coach Beiste to
don a Santa suit and rescind the promise the other Santa made to Brittany,
about Artie being able to walk again.

you guys punkin’ me?” she asks. “I thought we were cool after you
sang me that song.”

Sam, who is
fully clothed in this entire episode, suggests she tell Brittany that elves are
working on it. “Elves have awesome cord blood for stem-cell research, but
these advances are years away.”

Artie says
he’s arranged everything with Brittany’s parents, who want her to keep
believing, and Coach Beiste finally gives in.

Now, right
next to the Rudolph DVD by my television is the animated How
the Grinch Stole Christmas
, so just imagine how much I loved the next

I may have missed a lot of references because when it comes to the
classic holiday television shows of my childhood, I’m a strict traditionalist.
I’ve never seen the live action re-make of the Grinch, and I never will. But what
I did get was incredible enough, plus: LESBALERT! If Jane Lynch as the Grinch
isn’t enough, just add kd lang singing “Sue the Grinch” as Sue strips
and smashes every trace of Christmas in the choir room, including stealing the
presents for the homeless kids, all with the help of Becky dressed as Max the

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