“Glee” Episode 210 Recap: Christmas time will always be, just as long as we have “Glee”

doesn’t like Rachel’s winter wonderland, says he’s not ready to forgive her,
and storms out. The guitarist asks if she wants them to leave, but she, of
course, does her number anyway – the
‘ “Merry Christmas, Darling.” I really hate this song,
but hey, I loved the snow. And I loved that she took the song out of the
auditorium and had Rachel wandering the hallways – in a different outfit –
watching the other students, who couldn’t see her. I just love when Glee does that.

So, after
we’re done watching it snow indoors, we see Will writing out his ideas for a
Secret Santa gift for Sue: A dog robot, or a soul.

Now we’re
about to witness the thinnest premise in the history of television for a duet,
and I freaking love it. Baby, it may be cold outside but it’s warm in my heart.

Kurt is studying, alone, in a
paneled room with leather sofas, fireplace blazing. He jumps when Blaine walks in and drops a boom box
with a thud.

scared me,” Kurt says.

because I’m actually Marley’s ghost, and I’m here to tell you to stop studying
so hard.”

with the boom box?” Kurt asks.

need you to sing with me… well, rehearse with me,” Blaine says. “I
got a gig singing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ in the King’s Island Christmas
Spectacular.” (He says this with adorable hand gestures.)

says Kurt. “A personal favorite.” He sounds nervous. “Too bad
they’d never let us sing it together.”

For some
reason I don’t understand, Blaine looks confused here, so Kurt clarifies.
“I mean, as two … artists.”

you’ll help me out here?”

to stop reading about Charlemagne,” Kurt answers.

good then,” Blaine says in a fake British accent. Kurt looks radiant.

turns on the boom box, then dances over and gestures for Kurt to start.

This clip
had its own post and discussion on
AfterElton.com already, and I’m not sure there’s a single frame or truncated lyric
(“Gee, your lips are delicious” is in the recorded version you can
download on iTunes, but was cut from the video clip) that hasn’t already been
analyzed and squeed over by everyone on the site. So I’ll try to be restrained
and just say it totally filled my heart with absolute joy. I almost don’t even
mind that they didn’t kiss, although now that we see the full clip, I think
that maybe it crossed Kurt’s mind.

the record,” Blaine says, “You are much better than that girl’s gonna

Just as
Blaine leaves the room, Mr. Schue comes in and asks if Blaine is “someone

Kurt says
no; he’s just a friend. “But on the upside, I’m in love with him and he’s
actually gay. I call that progress.”

This is the
first time we find out Kurt’s in love with Blaine.

you doin’?” Will asks.

classes are harder, but the kids are kinder,” Kurt says. “So, what
brings you here? Looking to teach at a place where pencils aren’t primarily
used as weapons?”

there to get Kurt’s advice on what to buy Sue for his secret Santa gift –
talking about thin premises.

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