“Glee” Episode 210 Recap: Christmas time will always be, just as long as we have “Glee”


And that
happy spirit lasted just long enough for not only the students they’re
serenading to throw stuff, but the teacher to heave a shoe in their direction.
And it was a Mercedes solo, too. Sniff.

The kids
regroup in the Glee Club room, decorating a brand new tree Mr. Schue bought to
inspire them. Brittany tells them not to worry, because this year, she asked
Santa Claus to stop the glee kids from getting picked on. (My love for Brittany
grew three sizes when she said that.)

seems even more nonplussed than usual by Brittany’s comments, and while she
happily sorts Christmas stockings at the far end of the room, Artie gathers the
rest of the kids around and tells them Brittany still believes in Santa.
Santana, who presumably already knew her BFF and sex partner believed in the
big red guy, is conspicuous by her absence from this scene. Or if she’s there,
I didn’t see her, and she didn’t say a word.

While Finn
and Rachel sneak looks at each other
and agree to meet later in the auditorium, Puck says telling Brittany would be
too mean even for him. “I’m cruel and all, but that’s just hardcore.”

They agree
to help Artie in a conspiracy to protect Brittany’s innocence, and all head to
the mall to see Santa. When they get there, Brittany leans down and whispers to
the elf, “To be honest, I don’t understand the difference between an elf
and a slave.”

Mercedes wants a pony and a doll
that laughs and cries, although she finds the smell of Mickey D’s on Santa’s
breath distracting.

Lauren wants Puckerman to love
her because he’s a fox, and sweet potato fries.

Santana: I want bling. I can’t be any more specific than that. And wait, hold up. Please tell me that is a roll of Certs
in your pocket.
Quinn: Do you have anything for stretch marks?
Sam: Chapstick. Lots of chapstick.
Mike: I want Channing
to stop being in stuff.
Tina: When does Asian
Santa arrive?

Just as
Brittany goes up for her turn, she tells the elf, “Just know, you have
rights.” She is the Norma Rae of the North Pole!

She sits on
Santa’s lap, and tells him he’s gotten really tan.

because at the North Pole, there’s a hole in the ozone,” the African
American Santa tells her. She laughs and tells him he’s amazing. No, Brittany,
you are.

She says
he’s busy and gets right to the only item on her wish list: For Artie to walk.
This is so sweet it almost removes the taste of bitterness in my mouth from the
fact that she called him her boyfriend.

shakes his head and makes a cutting motion with his hand and does everything
other than scream, “Tell her no,” but for some reason, Santa says
he’s on it.

we’re screwed,” said Artie.

Rachel and
Finn don’t seem to have gone to the mall, but they did meet up in the
auditorium where Rachel’s engaged a band and gotten the A-V club to create a
fake snowstorm. She tells Finn that as a Jew, she doesn’t usually give
Christmas gifts, but she knows it’s important to him, and hands him a wrapped

It’s a
certificate for a song sung with love. “At least it’s not a kitten,”
she tells him.

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