“Glee” Episode 209 Recap: Brittany’s Got the Magic

But no. In the next scene, Blaine tells Kurt he didn’t make it, and that he should stop trying so hard. “I don’t know how it worked at your old school,” he says, “but did you notice we all wear uniforms around here? It’s about being part of the team.”

Kurt says he’s used to screaming to be noticed, but Blaine says, “You’re not going to make it as a Warbler if all you care about is getting noticed.” Right, Blaine, that’s all he cares about. Not, you  know, staying alive.

“I’m sorry,” Kurt says.

“I know it’ll take some getting used to,” Blaine tells him, “but you’ll fit in soon enough.”

Oh, teenage angst, how I love thee!

Artie tries to press Brittany to go to a movie with him, or meet him for a latte in the morning, but she says no and rushes off, not meeting his eye. I was hoping this meant she was back to her old slutty ways and would be dumping him soon, but alas…

The students are all in a bad mood while they board the bus for Sectionals, and Will loses whatever sparkle he has when he finds out Emma’s not going because it will upset Carl. I know a lot of people are all about the Carl and Emma, but not doing what you want to do because your boyfriend doesn’t like it? Sick dynamic. And it makes Carl look kind of petty and controlling. Then again, I love Will and Emma because their fandom pairing name would be “Wilma,” and who can resist that? (Yes, I know it’s officially “Wemma,” but not in my world.)

At Sectionals, Kurt comes up to Rachel who is at the candy counter, trying to score the Raisinets Lauren is demanding before she’ll go on. “Did you get your solo?” she asks him.

He tells her he didn’t, and she says, “If you didn’t get a solo, they must be really good.” Which I actually saw as a compliment to Kurt, but she apologized. I’m totally loving this softer Rachel, and the Rachel-Kurt friendship is awfully sweet. I like her so much better in the context of a tragic diva than a high school girl dating the star quarterback.

“Being in the Warblers has really made me question everything I thought I knew about myself,” he tells her. Which can be a good thing but hurt me a little bit anyway.

“What’s become of us, Kurt?” Rachel asks him. “So, do you miss us?”

He says he does, and the Warblers don’t appreciate his individuality as much as the glee club did. And he feels like he let them down.

“It’s your life,” Rachel says, shaking her head. “You weren’t safe at McKinley anymore.”

“How come you weren’t this nice to me when you were my team mate?” he asks.

“Because you were my only real competition.” And they hug. Awww. I may have to get on Team Rachel after all. I love this.

Oh, and Kurt lets slip that he already knew about Finn and Santana.

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