“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”

Finn gives the toast, and it’s
also all about Kurt. Which is just bizarre. And he talks about the way
“we,” meaning the McKinley High students, give couples “shipper
names,” like Finchel, and he and Kurt are now “Furt.” It’s
always kind of cute when the show acknowledges fandom, even if the whole
thing’s a bit bizarre.

Then Finn launches into another
Bruno Mars song, “Just the Way You Are,” which he sings to Kurt. Then
he holds out his arms and they do a little bit of very bad and awkward ballroom
dancing together, and then the whole glee club and the happy couple join them
on the floor. Rachel and Mercedes dance together while their guys are otherwise
occupied, although everyone reverts to opposite-sex coupledom after a couple of

Sue’s sister, Jeannie, and their
mom are at the rehearsal for Sue’s wedding – her dress is an awesome track suit
wedding gown.

Sue, as officiant, intones, “By the power vested
in me by a website. I hereby pronounce you Sue and Sue. You may kiss yourself.”

Doris goes off on her daughters, who band
together and say they’ve become a family without her. Sue
goes on to say her mom is a bully and she’s not welcome at her wedding.

Back at McKinley, turns out Quinn’s broken into Sam’s
locker with a nail file and got his ring. So they’re together now.

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