“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”

And it’s the day of the wedding. Finn is having trouble with his tie, and
Santana, flowers in her hair, helps him with it. She calls him
“Frankenteen,” which is just what he is. She also encourages him to
recharge his coolness quotient by admitting he had sex with her the year
before, but he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel, who thinks he’s still a virgin.

Santana threatens to tell
“the dwarf” herself, but when Rachel comes in, she doesn’t.

Glee does its own version of the famous “JK Wedding Dance”
, set to the Bruno Mars song “Marry You.”

After Finn and Rachel get things
going, Sam and Quinn dance down the aisle, followed by Kurt and Mercedes doing
the tango. Brittany
pushes Artie, and Puck and Santana dance on in, but then Brittany and Santana
are dancing together, twining long ribbons as part of their moves. Sigh …
please, Ryan Murphy, no more Barfie. Give us our Brittana.

Anyway, Mike and Tina dance on down, followed by
Burt, who totally cracks me up with his dancing, then Carol – and they get a
standing ovation, but all I’m really noticing is that there won’t be any
prayer, at Kurt’s request, and Brittany and Santana are being all adorable in
the background.

I’m not sure why Burt and Carol’s vows are like a tribute to Kurt, but okay.
It’s their wedding. And their vows are very funny and
moving at the same time.

Although when Carol was talking about love, Santana seemed really
upset, almost like she was crying. And I couldn’t help thinking about
how in this episode she described herself as “dating” Puck, but Quinn
said they were just having sex. And she was all about trying to get
Finn to date her again, even though she clearly has no interest in him
as a person whatsoever. So yeah, tell me: What’s going on in Santana’s
mind about Brittany?

I can’t decide if we’re getting jerked around and what we’ve gotten of
Brittana is all we’re going to get, or if this is all going somewhere,
or if I’m just imagining the whole subtext. And I’m also thinking
about how since it’s 15 years post-Xena, why are we still settling for
subtext? Can I has grown-up teevee girl/girl relationships now please?

Mr. Schue sings the marimba song “Sway,”
which I guess was somewhat recently covered by Michael Buble but is an old
dance floor standard. Their dance is super-sweet. I love them and their
straight love.

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