“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”

What we got when it did was worth the wait: Kurt giving his dad and Finn dance
lessons. Kurt’s totally blasé about the fact that
he’s dancing with his father, and he has that same attitude when it’s Finn’s
turn – a nice change from last year’s unrequited puppy-love-bordering-on-stalking.

Finn, however, isn’t as relaxed as Kurt, and wants the door
closed before he’ll dance with him. But just as Finn’s putting out his hand to
dance with Kurt, Karofsky walks by and makes a limp-wristed gesture at the

“What the hell was that?”
Burt says, pissed off.

Kurt tries to brush it off. “It was nothing,

“That’s not nothing, that guy was making fun of
you. What the hell’s his name?”

Kurt doesn’t say anything, and Finn locks eyes with
him. “Tell him, Kurt.”

Burt’s really angry now. “Tell me what?”

Finn’s implacable (finally). “Tell him, or I

Kurt breaks. “His name’s Dave Karofsky. “He’s
been … harassing me for a few weeks now.”

Burt isn’t satisfied. “Harassing you how?”

“Shoving me, and giving me a hard time.”

“There’s more. There’s something else you’re not
telling me.”

“He threatened to kill me.”

Burt flies out of the room while Finn says, “What?”,
clearly shocked. Then they both run after Burt, who has Karofsky slammed up
against a wall.

“You like picking on people? Why don’t you try

“Please, you’re sick,” Kurt pleads, while
Finn pulls Burt off Dave.

Burt stares at Finn. “What the hell have you been doing while this going on, huh?”

Finn looks gutted.

In Sue’s office, presumably the next day, Burt and Kurt are there with Karofsky
and his father, Paul, who bears an eerie resemblance to Paul Krugman.

Burt is furious that Dave threatened Kurt’s life, and even
Paul seems to believe there’s some fire behind the smoke. He points out that
Dave’s been acting strangely at home for several weeks, and asks why Kurt would
make the story up.

“Maybe he likes me,” Dave says, and denies

Kurt says that Dave threatened to kill him if he
told, but when Sue pressed to know what he was being threatened not to tell,
Kurt, with an odd glance at Dave, says, “That he was picking on me.”

When I first saw it, I couldn’t
believe it. Why the hell would Kurt protect Dave? As I watched it the second
time to do the recap, I thought, no, I bet he thought no one would believe him,
and that Dave might well do just what he’d threatened to do if he told. I’m not
sure which one of those is right.

Sue, however, believes Kurt’s story, and expels Dave
for threatening his life. It’s a proud Sue Sylvester moment, and even Dave’s
father seems happy with the outcome.

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