“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”


Kurt interrupts. “It’s the fear that’s the
worst. I never know when it’s coming. I can’t concentrate. I don’t feel like I’m
part of the school at all. I feel like I’m in a horror movie where this
creature follows me around terrifying me, and there’s nothing I can do about
it? You don’t know what’s going on in this kid’s head. You don’t know what he’s
capable of.”

At this point, I almost thought he was going to tell
them the whole story, but he backs down. “Maybe I’m over-reacting.”

“Lady,” Sue says, “If this kid lays a
finger on you, you come straight to me and I’ll expel him faster than a Thai
takeout place can re-pack a delivery order. But until that happens, and I’m
genuinely sorry to say this, there’s nothing legally I and the school board can

Kurt leaves with Mr. Schue, but he stops at the door
and turns back to Sue. “You know, when you call me ‘Lady,’ that’s
bullying. And it’s really hurtful.”

“I’m sorry,” Sue says, unruffled. “I
thought that was your name. As an apology, I’ll allow you to choose from the
following nicknames: Gelfling, Porcelain, or Tickle-me-dough-face.” (I’m
not sure I got that first one right.)

“I guess I’ll go with Porcelain,” Kurt

“Damn,” responds Sue. “I totally
wanted Tickle-me-dough-face.”

I can’t really figure out what I think about this
whole scene. Obviously, Kurt is on his own with this problem. But there’s a
softness and some kind of mutual connection between Sue and Kurt here, too.
Also, when he said it was like a horror movie and he never knew when it was
going to happen next, I cried. I honestly did, and so did half of Twitter.

Anyway, Rachel
has decided to take charge of this whole bullying problem. Looking super-hot in
a little gold and black outfit, she’s spearheading a “glee girls with
boyfriends on the football team” movement to get Karofsky to back off of

She’s worried about Kurt, who she says is “losing
weight, and not in a good way; he’s barely even fighting me for solos anymore.”
I guess we’re supposed to understand from this that some time has passed, and
things haven’t changed.

“We’re all lucky enough to have boyfriends on
the football team,” Rachel goes on. “I say we band together and
demand that they confront Karofsky.”

Quinn objects that she’s not dating Sam, and that
Rachael just set the feminist movement back 50 years. They’re arguing when Tina leans across Quinn and asks Brittany,
“I’m confused. Are you and Artie officially dating now?”

“Deal with it,” Brittany says. And that loud shrieking sound
you heard is every lesbian in teevee land screaming, “NOOOOOOO.”


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