“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”

Then Kurt is standing at his open locker, beaming at
the little male-female wedding cake topper under the watchful gaze of Blaine’s
photo, the word “Courage” in letters cut out of magazines pasted
underneath. Finn walks up and says he doesn’t really understand the wedding
plan, especially the part where they release 300 black doves indoors.

“Won’t that get kind of
messy?” he asks

“That’s why we feed them glitter, Finn,”
Kurt answers. I mean, duh!

Thus reassured, Finn asks for more details on his
role in the wedding, and Kurt reels off a long list of activities, from giving
his mother away (“Incredibly creepy,” Finn notes) to doing a
mother-son dance.

Finn says he doesn’t think that’s a very good idea,
due to the fact that he can’t dance, and Kurt looks exasperated.

“Trust me, Finn,” he says. “I’ve been
planning weddings since I was two. My Power Rangers got married and divorced in
so many combinations they were like Fleetwood Mac.”

That’s all it took to convince him. “I guess if
I could pull this off, it would make seem like a cool stud.”

Finn walks off, and Kurt takes his wedding couple and
shuts the locker door – and there’s Dave
, oozing threat and creepiness from every pore.

He stands way, way too close to Kurt.

“I don’t want you near me,” Kurt says,
voice trembling. But Karofsky doesn’t care, just pokes his finger into Kurt’s
chest and presses as hard as he can as the background music grows more ominous.
And then he snatches his finger back and grabs the little wedding couple.

“Can I have this?” he asks, his voice both
silky and menacing. He doesn’t wait for Kurt to answer, just says, “Thanks,”
and walks off. It’s absolutely terrifying, and Kurt looks absolutely terrified.

Mr. Schuester sees him, and scurries over. “Are you okay?”

Kurt doesn’t even look at him, just shakes his head.

Mr. Schue takes him to the principal’s office. Sue
(still principal) isn’t totally unsympathetic, but insists her hands are tied
because Karofsky didn’t physically hurt Kurt.

Mr. Schue objects, saying that he pushed Kurt into
the lockers all the time.

“I can’t expel a kid for pushing you into the
lockers. He’ll just say, ‘I didn’t push him. I tripped.’ That excuse works like
a charm. I use it all the time.”

“He didn’t shove me this time,” Kurt says. “He
just terrified me.”

“Lady,” Sue says, “I can’t suspend a
student because he scares you. High school is a dry run for the rest of your
life. It’s rough. People can be mean.”

“That’s all you have to say?” Mr. Schuester

Sue explains that she was bullied, and her
handi-capable sister was the object of cruelty. “I know very well how
cruel people can be. Was it difficult? Yes. Did it make me stronger? You bet.”

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