“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”


Rod, the Ted Baxter-esque anchor Sue used to date, announces
his wedding to his co-anchor on the air. Sue goes nuts, and tries online dating
at EDesperate.com, where she lists her interests as “Extreme taxidermy,
tantric yelling and poking the elderly with pins.” There’s only one match
for Sue Sylvester, however, and that’s Sue Sylvester. So she’s marrying

And inviting the Obamas.

I have no idea if this is some kind of clever
statement on same-sex marriage or just more adventures in the Sue-verse, but
let’s just go with it.

Then we’re in the locker room, where Finn saunters up
to Sam, who’s working out and
showing off an impressive pair of arms. Sam tells Finn he’s gunning to get his
position as quarterback back, and Finn says Coach Beiste won’t replace him as
long as he’s winning.

“You can’t win every game,” Sam says,
adding that he’s just on the cusp of being the most popular kid in school and
he needs to be quarterback – to round out his resume, I guess.

Finn also digs at him about how “you can’t even
get Quinn to be your girlfriend.”

“I’m working on that, too,” says Sam. Then
they fist bump. I don’t know if this is male bonding or just weird.

Anyway, it sends Sam off after
Quinn, where he drops to his knees, ring box in hand. He tells her that he
loves her, but her response isn’t what he was hoping for.

“We’ve known each other six
weeks,” Quinn says. “Stand up. You’re freaking me out.”

He tells her it’s a promise ring, and she answers, “What
are you, six?”

But after Sam gives her equal parts “we’d be the
star couple at the school” and “I’ll love and respect and cherish you
always,” she tells him she’s not saying ‘no,’ just ‘maybe.’”

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