“Glee” Episode 208 Recap: “That’s Why We Feed Them Glitter”


And the school board decided to send Dave Karofsky
back to McKinley, because there were no witnesses to this threat against Kurt.
What the… ? Really?

However, the school board
president did apparently administer a verbal warning to Karofsky. How

Sue tells Kurt she’s resigning as principal in
protest, and she’s doing to be a pair of eyes in the hall, watching out for
Kurt’s safety. But he says he’s living in terror. Oh, Kurt. It annoyed me how
the wedding was all about you, but all is forgiven and I just want to buy you
an ice cream cone.

Mr. Schuester is all hot on getting the club to work
on their Sectionals numbers, which they haven’t even chosen yet even though the
competition is one week away. Obviously they’re going to win or the season is
over, but they could at least act like they’re sweating it.

Mr. Schue says he has an idea for
a solo for Kurt, but Kurt says he wants to make an announcement.

He thanks everyone for their
support, especially Finn, saying it’s wonderful to have great friends and a
true brother. But he’s transferring to Dalton Academy
immediately, using Burt and Carol’s honeymoon money to pay the tuition. “Karofsky’s
coming back tomorrow, which means I’m not.”

Santana makes a hand gesture I
can’t interpret but that seemed to carry some sense of distress. Everyone is horrified,
and they offer to protect Kurt. Puck says they’ll form a perimeter like the
Secret Service. Kurt thanks them again, but says only a “zero tolerance no
bullying policy” like the one at Dalton
can keep him safe.

There’s a very tender albeit
silent moment with Mercedes, and then Rachel asks, distraught, if he’ll be
competing against them at sectionals. And then he leaves, tears in his eyes.

Next week: Kurt’s in a Dalton blazer, and New
Directions goes to Sectionals. And Santana covers Amy Winehouse covering Zutons! (You can check out some gorgeous promo images from next week’s episode at gleeforum.com.)

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