“Glee” Episode 207 Recap: Darn those noisy bisexual primates of Borneo

All the people I talked to about this scene believe it makes a Kurt/Dave romantic relationship less likely, but I’m not reassured. I think such a relationship would be really twisted, and I’d have a very hard time watching this show if its creators thought having Kurt get involved with someone who physically attacked him, harassed him, forced an unwanted kiss on him, and then threatened his life was in any way romantic or even vaguely okay. I think it’s romanticizing violence to even play with this, and I hope to hell I’m reading this scene wrong; certainly every single person I asked thinks I am.

Anyway, that’s the end of that arc for the week. We get one more visit to Sue’s office, where she re-hires Will, and says the Glee Club members convinced her to bring him back. (I’m sure Brittany cinched it by saying, "He taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after m and n; I thought they were too similar and got frustrated.")

The club will have to pay to fix her Le Car, however. She has an idea for how Will can help them raise the money: "I suggest you sell yourself on Craigslist under ‘Men seeking men with butt chins.’"

Will then pitches "Singin’ in the Rain" for Sectionals, and the students are less than enthusiastic. Faster than you can say "plot device," he finds Holly at her newest temporary teaching assignment, and implores her to help him make the number "more modern."

She comes back and they do a mash-up of "Singin’ in the Rain" and Rihanna’s "Umbrella," with a stage flooded with rain and more rain falling from overheard, and everyone playing with their umbrellas while they sing and dance. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s great, it’s fantastic, but it’s completely impossible to believe McKinley High could create an effect like this, or sustain all this water on the stage, or clean up after it. And if this number is supposed to be a Sectionals candidate, why were Mr. Schue and Miss Holliday so prominent in it?

Sorry to be a squee-harsher. I’m all about the suspension of disbelief in this show, but this one went too far.

So to sum up: Too much evil ex, just the right amount of Kurt, and not even remotely, not even close to, enough Brittana. Could someone please do something about that?

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