“Glee” Episode 207 Recap: Darn those noisy bisexual primates of Borneo


Rachel and Miss Holliday do a lackluster version of "Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag" from Chicago, and then Will finds out that Sue has now been named permanent principal of McKinley High, and he’s fired.

Finally, we see Blaine again! He and Kurt and Mercedes are at Breadstix, and this scene was really just too perfect. The two boys are finishing each other’s sentences and they both have the same favorite Vogue cover for 2010, and if these two aren’t having a romance, I’m just going to quit watching television shows for money and go back to work as a pet columnist.

I also kind of like that Mercedes is bored instead of hanging on the gay boys’ every word (all of which she hears as "Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay." Except for the part where every time Kurt opens his mouth, a little purse falls out).

Back at McKinley, Mercedes stuffs a platter of tater tots up the tailpipe of Sue’s car, which turns out to be a rare and expensive 1979 LeCar that suffered $17,000 worth of damage for her little act of civil disobedience. That’s a felony, Sue tells her, adding, "I and my attorney, Gloria Allred, will be pressing charges."

Miss Holliday is in the room with them, but when Mercedes turns to her to intercede, she is clueless about what to do.

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