“Glee” Episode 207 Recap: Darn those noisy bisexual primates of Borneo

Rachel is still so concerned that her path to total world Glee Club domination is going to be thwarted by Miss Holliday that she’s masked up and come to see if Mr. Schue can take over again. We get a flashback of Sue and Holly watching "Hoarders" together while touching up their highlights;I’d pay money for a few more minutes of that scene. But even though Will’s concerned, he’s still too sick to return.

In the meantime, the Cheerios sweep the school cafeteria and dump all the tots in the trash. "They look like deep-fried deer poop," says Brittany. Mercedes has a small melt-down and storms into Sue’s office where we find out that Richard Nixon is one of Sue’s heroes and role models.

Miss Holliday tries to mend things with Rachel by telling her she’s totally annoying. Then Holly asks Rachel if there’s anything she wants to sing that she never got to (flashback to Rachel suggesting a number and Mr. Schue saying "No, but I have good news! I found a Journey song we haven’t done!"). Holly and Rachel kiss and make up in true Glee fashion, by agreeing to do a number together.

Back at the Schuester Infirmary, evil ex Terri is still doing her Florence Nightingale routine, which morphs into naughty nurse, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Okay, so, Kurt has done his gay BFF duty and tried to fix Mercedes up with Anthony Rashad, a guy from the football team who’s also president of the Black Student Union.

"It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s one of only five black students in this school?" she asks. "Does he have any non-black activities?"

"I don’t know," Kurt says, exasperated. "MyGoogle search was a little…" and he shrugs.

He’s just assuring Mercedes that love is just around thecorner when Dave Karofsky walks by."Wassup, homo?" he says, and winks.


Mercedes may not know what to make of that, but she is missing her tots – she climbs up on a chair and silently holds up a sign reading "TOTS," doing her best Norma Rae impersonation while the rest of the students chant in support while Sue and Becky fume.

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