“Glee” Episode 207 Recap: Darn those noisy bisexual primates of Borneo


Sue’s next target is the football team, which she announces she’s disbanding immediately. Coach Beiste points out that her Cheerios will have no one to cheer for, and Sue,once more unaccountably thwarted by the Beiste, slinks off in defeat. But not for long; she tells her right-hand Cheerio, Becky Jackson, she’s going to ban the consumption of tater tots on campus – which isn’t going to go over well with Mercedes, who has been loading up on tots to help her deal with losing her BFF Kurt to his new "friend," Blaine.

"Outstanding," says Becky approvingly. And may I take this moment to say how much I heart Becky Jackson this season?

So, Mr. Schuester is home watching cooking shows on television and suffering from a high fever. He wakes up to find his scary stalker ex,
Terri, soothing his fevered brow and spoon-feeding him chicken soup. She points out that however toxic their marriage was, she was always good at taking care of them.

"That’s because you like me when I’m weak," he says.

Kurt and Mercedes are in the school cafeteria, and he tells her has to cancel his plans with her because Blaine got them tickets to Rent at the community theater.

Mercedes asks if Kurt and Blaine are going out, and if they are, he needs to tell the rest of Glee Club.

Kurt scoffs; "This isn’t some Jesse-Rachel traitor situation," he says. "We’re just hanging out. Glee Club never even comes up."

Given all the debate as to whether or not Kurt and Blaine will have a full-fledged romance, I found this whole arc extremely interesting. Mercedes is feeling the loss of her tots, but also of Kurt’s friendship. Even when he’s with her, all he talks about is Blaine,and I’m starting to like how they’re handling the development of this relationship. Yeah, I read all the interviews with Ryan Murphy about how even they don’t know what’s going to happen blah blah blah, and I’ve heard it all before. I think they’re showing Kurt and Blaine get to know each other and flirt and be cute and cautious with each other just like a lot of teenagers do, and it’s really very adorable.

And again, I love how we have this cat-like sexy predator,Santana, and the cheerful slut, Brittany, as Team Girl, and take-it-slow starry-eyed romantic Kurt and Blaine as Team Boy. This show can work my last feminist nerve sometimes, but I still find that to be fascinatingly subversive– not that I trust them not to screw up Brittana, given the complete lack of any explanation of how they got from "Duets" to here. (Oh, yeah, I’m bitter.)

Will continues to have a high fever, and has a bizarre dream in which he and Mike Chang are dancing to "Make ‘em Laugh" from Singing in the Rain. It’s amusing. The dancing is great, Mike’s more so than Will’s. It’s also completely random, other than the little bit of a"Singing in the Rain" theme that runs through the whole episode, even if I can’t quite make sense out of that. Any of you old-movie buffs see a deeper meaning here?

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