“Glee” Episode 206 Recap: And Kurt’s Still Never Been Kissed


Artie rolls up to Puck, who is emptying his locker into his
backpack. Turns out he’s so terrified of going back to juvie – which he’d
earlier claimed to have "ruled" when he was there – that he’s going
to take off. He won’t just do the alternative community service, because
picking up trash is too "ghetto" for him.

So now we’ve seen our brave diva, Kurt, stand up to a
dangerous bully, and tough-guy Puck running away from his problems.

Artie offers to tutor Puck in geometry and kind of be his
pal while he’s doing his trash duty, and I suddenly think, hmmm, I could ship
these guys. And would their name be "Partie"?

And then I’m completely stunned because Dave slams Kurt into
a locker again, and Kurt just sinks to the floor, the most amazing array of
emotions flitting over his face – again, paging Emmy for Chris Colfer – and even
while my heart was breaking for him, a tiny part of my femme-y little brain
knew that I wanted his yellow boots.

Coach Beiste shows up at Glee Club and the guys apologize by
singing The Supremes‘ "Stop! In the Name of Love" mashed up with En
‘s "Free Your Mind." And the episode ended with a big group hug,
and her forgiving them and deciding to stay at McKinley.

And Kurt has still never (really) been kissed.

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