“Glee” Episode 206 Recap: And Kurt’s Still Never Been Kissed

As if we hadn’t already had a lot of Kurt/Blaine goodness,
we see Blaine and Kurt walking up the outside stairs at McKinley High. Blaine’s there to get
Kurt’s back in a confrontation with Dave about the locker room kiss and the

Dave sees the two of them, and starts his usual mocking
routine. Blaine
tells him Kurt told him what happened, and Dave says, "And what’s

"You kissed me," Kurt says.

Dave denies it, and Blaine
says he understands Dave’s confused, but he needs to know he’s not alone. And
Dave slams Blaine into the wall, which makes
Kurt totally lose it; he flies to Blaine’s
defense and I had chills.

seems a little shaken, but he just says, "Well, he’s not coming out any
time soon."

Kurt sits on the stairs, and tears are in his eyes. Blaine is totally freaked
out and worried, and sits next to him, asking him what’s wrong.

Kurt says until the day before with Dave, he’s never been
kissed before – at least not one that counted. And he starts to cry. And right
then, totally, in a just world, Blaine
would have kissed Kurt. And I’m still really angry that he didn’t, but instead,
he says, "Let me buy you lunch." And they go off, not even touching.

Will has gone to see Coach Beiste, to convince her not to
quit. "I get it," he tells her. "All of us are scarred by high

Coach Beiste doesn’t really think Will gets it. She talks
about how she’s two people, her tough, masculine outside, and the girl inside.
She says that she’s not gay, and has only been involved with one guy, who was a

"I’ve never been kissed, Will," she says, and then
she makes the observation that kissing is the "doorway" to all kinds
of other experiences that make us human. Which obviously was about her and
about not fitting in when you don’t gender-conform, but of course, it was about
Kurt, too, and his feelings of not belonging, not being safe. It was really
quite powerful.

Then Will kisses her, and seriously? He’s being nice and
all, but that’s just crap. But she takes it a friendly way and they hug. And
she agrees to come let the Glee Club guys apologize to her.

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