“Glee” Episode 206 Recap: And Kurt’s Still Never Been Kissed

Blaine and two other Dalton
students take Kurt out for coffee, and Kurt hesitatingly asks if they’re all gay.
Turns out only Blaine is, but Dalton has a "zero tolerance"
policy regarding harassment, and therefore everyone in the school is totally
cool. (Skipping over the complete unreality of that; this is Glee, after all.)

then asks his friends to excuse him and Kurt, and the straight guys leave. And Blaine goes right to the
heart of things, and asks Kurt if he’s being bullied at school. Kurt cries and
admits he is, and Blaine says that he was
"taunted" at his old school, too, and that’s why he transferred to Dalton.

says he tried to tell some of the faculty, but their attitude was, "Hey,
if you’re gay, your life is going to be miserable. Sorry about that."

He advises Kurt to stand up for himself, and says he needs
to teach football goon something, to help him with his ignorance. (Yes, because
it’s on us to fix homophobes. Great.)

It turns out Blaine
regrets that he let bullies at his old school make him run away, and he doesn’t
want to see Kurt do the same. (Allow me to say, this advice really sucks, and
is an excellent way to get your head bashed in with a bat. Not that I have
bitter and terrifying past experiences to base that on or anything. And I grew
up in San Francisco, not Lima, Ohio.)

So, the girls are sewing costumes for their number when
Artie and Puck come in. "Remember," Puck warns Artie, "don’t
trust your instincts." Then they act like total jerks and Brittany and Santana
swoon over them and I just want to delete this whole scene from both my DVR and
my memory. Along with the date when they go on it. Yuck.

So let’s just skip ahead to the girls’ song. They chose Bon
Jovi’s "Living On a Prayer" mashed with the Stones’ "Start Me
Up," and let me just say Heather
, Heather Morris, Heather Morris, in leather, with her tummy peeking
out, and dancing her leather-clad ass off shaking her hair in the wind machine. (I sincerely apologize to
all of you who have a thing for anyone else in this scene. If there was anyone

And then in the middle of all that, Kurt gets a text from Blaine, just one word:
"Courage." And he’s glowing and radiating enough light to fuel New York City and Brittany
is dancing and there’s all this hairography and how I see it is, best queer
minute on television ever.

Becky Jackson runs in as everyone’s applauding wildly, with
a note from Sue demanding Will’s presence in the auditorium.

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