“Glee” Episode 206 Recap: And Kurt’s Still Never Been Kissed


Puck, still giving the love to Artie as his community
service project, sets them up as buskers on campus, then intimidates the
students into throwing money into his guitar case. Which he says they’re going
to use to double date with Santana and Brittany.
And Puck gives some excruciatingly bad advice about women to Artie, and makes
snotty comments about my beloved Brittana, and I’m really starting to hate you,

Meanwhile, or for all I know it’s a week later, Kurt goes
off to spy on their competition at the all-boys school. I can’t imagine why he
chose that as his target, can you?

Now, half the Glee viewing
audience was waiting to see Santana and Brittany make out, which we saw a
couple episodes ago, and the other half was waiting for this: The first time
Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) lay eyes on each other.
(Yes, I’m ignoring any part of the audience that is interested in anything
else. This is my own all-queer version of Glee.)

I kind of like that the girl/girl couple on this show is all
angsty and promiscuous and unconventional while the boy/boy couple goes running
down the Brideshead Revisted-esque halls
of an all-boys school while holding hands.

The little banter when they meet, and the hand-holding
thing, give the video clip of Blaine
flirting with Kurt while he sings "Teenage Dream" a whole new
context. So while my initial feeling was, "If you hurt Kurt I will cut
you," I’m now totally on Team Kurt/Blaine. If someone would just explain
to me what we’re supposed to call them … I mean, Kaine? Blurt? Kuaine? Help a
girl out.

Blah blah, Mike and Tina making out. Tina makes a joke about
Mike’s abs, and then it turns out she’s using Coach Beiste dressed as a
ballerina as her "cooling off" technique, and she also calls Beiste’s
name instead of Mike’s. Then Quinn picks her fight, loudly, with Sam, and Coach
Beiste and Will both overhear it, and Mike comes by and warns Coach Beiste to
stay away from his woman, and then Will gives Mike and Sam the obligatory
lecture about how Coach Beiste is an outsider just like the glee kids and that
they suck. Okay, back to the queer storyline.

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